Group Training/Closed Enrollment

About Group Training/Closed Enrollment

NOTE: The NIH Training Center (NIHTC) has seen an exponential increase in IC offices requesting their own closed enrollment versions of training we offer to the NIH community at large. While we pride ourselves on being able to cater to customer needs, the volume of demands currently exceeds NIHTC’s capacity to continue to deliver NIH-wide training and serve critical custom needs in the same fast and flexible manner for which we’re known. It also hinders our popular instructors’ availability to meet the broadest needs for all of the NIH community. 

To maximize the availability of our quality training for all of the NIH community, NIHTC will require a minimum of 20 people in a class to run a closed enrollment version of an existing open-enrollment course.

The NIH Training Center offers Group Training/Closed Enrollments, exclusively for your specific team or IC. Benefits of this training include the following:

  • Participants receive consistent messages and hear the same thing, at the same time, by the same instructor, for your IC/organization.
  • Team members participate in training together, which facilitates collaboration and teambuilding among staff. Training is offered at a time and place most convenient to staff.

Most courses in the NIHTC course catalog can be made available exclusively for your team or IC. Simply email us at and provide the name of the course and your preferred timeframe and a NIHTC Program Manager will contact you to begin arranging for your Group Training/Closed Enrollment.


Costs will vary depending on the course. Prices are typically quoted on a group basis of up to 25 participants, not per-person. The NIHTC will require a minimum of 20 people for this group training/closed enrollment.