Group Training

About Group Training

The NIH Training Center can bring training on-site to your location, exclusively for your specific team or IC. Benefits of this specialized training include the following:

  • Participants receive consistent messages and hear the same thing, at the same time, by the same instructor, with content customized for your IC/organization.
  • Team members participate in training together, which facilitates collaboration and teambuilding among staff.
  • Training is offered at a time and place most convenient to staff.
  • You determine the training duration-1/2 day sessions or multiple sessions over an extended period of time are options available to you.

All courses in the NIHTC course catalog can be made available exclusively for your team or IC. Simply email us at and provide the name of the course and your preferred timeframe and a NIHTC Program Manager will contact you to begin arranging for your Group Training.

Teambuilding Course Options

Additional Options


Costs will vary depending on the course. Prices are typically quoted on a group basis of up to 25 participants, not per-person. To maximize your investment, it’s always prudent to have as close to 25 participants as possible.   

Custom Training Solutions

If you have a training or facilitation need that requires significant customization and is a course that is not in our course catalog, we can provide options for you. This process typically takes 2-4 weeks. The first step is to complete our NIHTC Customized Training Request Form so we can learn more about your group and your requirements. We will review this information and provide you with various proposals to consider. We also offer team coaching, as well as individualized coaching for members of your team. Please see Executive, Leadership, and Team Coaching for more information.

Questions? Contact us at (301) 496-6211, or send an email to:

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