The Performance section of the OHR website contains information on Awards and Performance Management at the NIH.

The Awards page lists the various types of awards that are available to NIH staff and provides, in some cases, the ability to nominate someone for an award right from the Awards page.

There are two performance management programs at the NIH and HHS. This includes the Performance Management Appraisal Program (PMAP) and the HHS Senior Executive and Organizational Performance Management System, which covers SES and senior-level Title 42 employees. Please see a Comparison of the two HHS performance management programs.

For more information about NIH Performance Management, contact the Performance Management Team in the Workforce Relations Division (WRD), Office of Human Resources, NIH.

For more information about NIH Executive Performance Management, contact the Executive Performance Management Team in the Division of Senior and Scientific Management (DSSEM), Office of Human Resources, NIH.