Title 38 Pay

The Title 38 pay program uses special pay authorities to provide higher rates of pay to employees in certain health care occupations who provide direct patient-care services or services incident to patient care. There are three main parts of NIH Title 38 pay: Special Salary Rates, Premium Pay, and Physician and Dentist Pay.

Special Salary Rates

Special salary rates provide pay above the General Schedule (Title 5) equivalent rates in order to foster NIH’s recruitment and retention efforts for certain occupations.

Premium Pay

Premium pay is additional pay that is provided to employees in specific approved health care occupations.  It has several different components – overtime, night differential, Saturday/Sunday differential, holiday pay and on-call pay. 

Physician and Dentist Pay

Physicians and dentists who are licensed and provide direct patient care services or services incident to patient care. The system consists of two components: 

  1. General Schedule base (non-locality) pay and
  2. Title 38 Market Pay