Global Recruitment: Recruiting for all of NIH!

The Global Recruitment Unit (GRU) serves the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) 27 Institutes and Centers (ICs) with global recruitments for positions such as; Physicians, Purchasing Agents, Health Scientist Administrators and Pathways (Student Trainees). Applying to one of the global recruitments below could provide an avenue for consideration across many of the participating ICs at NIH. Any participating IC can review eligible candidates for their vacancies and set up interviews. Your application may be reviewed by participating hiring officials throughout all of NIH.

Please review the upcoming announcements below to see if you’d like to join our NIH team!

Current Global Recruitment Vacancies

PositionPayPay Scale & GradeLocation
Premier College Graduate Program (Administrative Assistant/Officer) $111,157–$37,696 PA GS-5/11 Multiple Locations
Premier College Graduate Program (Grants Management Specialist) $111,157–$37,696 PA GS-5/11 Multiple Locations
Premier College Student Program (Administrative Support) $53–$15 PH GS-3/11 Multiple Locations

Physician Vacancies

We have several Physician positions we are looking to fill. All Physician positions are open to the public.

Announcements open 10/31/2022 and will close at 11:59pm EST on 11/09/2022. All applicants must apply through USAJobs

Physician - Intramural

As a Physician in an intramural program area, you will be responsible for administering clinical, basic and independent research programs; analyzing, evaluating and generating scientific and clinical data; and conceptualizing new research direction and projects.

Apply to Intramural Physician Announcements on USAJobs. A valid medical license is needed to qualify for all Clinical positions.

Physician - Extramural

As a Physician in an extramural program area, you will utilize your medical expertise to administer extramural research grants or contracts in a major program area. You will evaluate activities of funded investigators and make recommendations regarding the contribution of the research to the goals and objectives of the program.

Apply to Extramural Physician Announcements on USAJobs. Medical licensure is not needed to qualify for Research positions.

These announcements may be used to fill positions in the following medical specialties and more:

Acute Lung Injury

Molecular Imaging

Adaptive Trials


Adverse Childhood Events

Allergic Diseases Neuroscience
Asthma Obstetrics

Autoimmune Diseases

Blood Diseases Pain Research
Cardiology Pediatric Lung Disease
Cardiovascular Sciences Pediatric Oncology
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Pediatrics
Chronobiology Perinatology
Clinical Network Management Pharmacogenomics
Clinical Research Pharmacology
Clinical Trials Physical Medicine
Craniofacial Anomalies Prenatal Substance Exposure
Critical Care Primary Care
Endocrinology Psychiatry
Epidemiology Pulmonary Fibrosis
Family Medicine Pulmonary Hypertension
Genomics Pulmonology
Global Health Radiology
Gynecology Rare Diseases
Health Disparities Regenerative Biology
Hematology Rheumatology
HIV co-infections Sickle Cell Disease
Immunology Sleep
Integrative Medicine Surgery
Internal Medicine Translational Medicine
Laboratory Medicine Translational Research
Lung Transplantation Transplantation
Metabolic Diseases Tuberculosis

If you have any questions about these positions or the application process, please contact:

For more information on Federal Pay and Leave, please visit the following resources:

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