Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey

The Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) is your opportunity to confidentially voice your opinion about your work experience, organization and leaders.

NIH and Senior Leaders in each Institute and Center take feedback seriously. FEVS is used to create positive changes throughout the organization. Your feedback also enables managers to find ways to improve your experience in the workplace.

The 2021 FEVS survey is currently open and will close on Friday, December 10th.

This year, instead of OPM’s normal approach - providing a census survey to ALL eligible federal NIH employees - they will be sending the FEVS to a random sample of a limited number of employees.  This means that not all eligible federal employees will receive the FEVS. On Monday, November 8th, OPM sent a personalized email invitation to a sample of 7,956 NIH employees, chosen randomly, representing 43 percent of our normally eligible workforce. For more information, reference OPM's sampling strategy.

Who is eligible to take the FEVS? Full- and part-time permanent and non-permanent, and seasonal employees, on-board on or before April 25, 2021. Presently, contractors are not eligible for FEVS participation.

Where do I find the FEVS survey? Employees who are selected by OPM to be part of the random sample should have received an email invitation on Monday, November 8th with the following heading:

From: Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey-HE
Subject: 2021 OPM Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey

Please check your inbox as well as your Junk and Deleted folders in case you received an email from OPM. Since OPM is conducting a random sample, they will not provide NIH with a list of employees selected to participate.

It is anticipated that in May 2022, FEVS will return back to the standard practice of sending the survey to all eligible federal NIH employees.


The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) administers the survey and does not provide raw data to any participating Federal agencies. Therefore, NIH does not have access to any individuals’ raw data. To learn more, check out the confidentiality video and infographic.

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