Completing Your New Hire Paperwork in USA Staffing Onboarding

What you should know before you begin

The USA Staffing Onboarding for New Hires will ask you a series of questions and answer will be used to fill out forms.

You will log into the Onboarding system through with your USAJOBS username and password.

Initial login to the USA Staffing Onboarding system should occur via the unique login link included in your offer letter.

If you do not have a USAJOBS account, you will need to:

  1. Create a profile for access to USAJOBS.
  2. After you’ve created a account and completed your USAJOBS account [or profile], locate the first email your HR point of contact sent you (tentative offer).  This email will include a link to Onboarding, click on the link.
  3. Login to USAS Onboarding through using your USAJOBS account username and password

You will need to log into the system multiple times throughout the onboarding process so make sure to keep your login information handy!

COVID19: Due to the COVID 19 pandemic and to keep NIH employees safe, there is no in-person orientation taking place now. NIH employee orientation is being conducted virtually.

Forms to complete

Forms are assigned based on your appointment type (e.g. permanent, temporary, etc.). Read the instructions carefully to determine which forms (if assigned) are submitted electronically and which forms to bring to orientation.

Submit electronically before your virtual orientation:

  • Fast Start Direct Deposit (FMS-2232)
  • Educational Data Update Form (USAS-EDU 01)
  • Record of Home Address (HHS-476)
  • Self-Identification of Disability (SF-256)
  • Ethnicity and Race Identification Form (SF-181)
  • Federal Employee Withholding Allowance (W-4)
  • Statement of Prior Federal Service (SF-144)
  • Verification of a Military Retiree’s Service in Nonwartime Campaigns or Expeditions (SF-813)
  • State Tax Form

Bring to virtual orientation

  • Appointment Affidavit Form (SF-61)
    • Note: If you miss the recital of the Oath of Office at the Virtual NEO meeting, please reach out to your HRS who assisted you with the Onboarding process to administer the Oath of Office on your first day. 
  • Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9)
    • Note: Print the form, sign, date and upload to your USA Staffing Onboarding record for HR review.
    • A list of acceptable supporting documents is available at the USCIS website.
    • Upload the supporting forms of identification to your USA Staffing Onboarding record for HR review under “I-9 Supporting Documents Upload.”
  • Declaration for Federal Employment Form (OF-306)
    • Note: Print the completed form and provide ink pen signature in block 17b (Appointee signature). 
    • Upload the form to your USA Staffing Onboarding record for HR review

Submit electronically after you have attended the virtual orientation

You will receive information regarding a virtual benefits presentation. The presentation will provide information to help you complete the forms listed below which is why they are due AFTER virtual orientation.  Refer to the due dates listed in the system for each of the forms.

  • Health Benefits Election Form (SF-2809)
  • Life Insurance Election (FEGLI) (SF-2817)
  • Thrift Savings Plan Enrollment (TSP-1)
  • TSP Catch-Up Contribution (TSP-1-C) (if applicable)

Note: Beneficiary forms may have been assigned to you via the Onboarding system.  You may complete the forms electronically; however, the system will prompt you to print the forms so that you may submit them in hard copy to the NIH Benefits office.  Beneficiary forms can only be accepted via hard copy.

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