Equifax Workforce Solutions (TALX)


TALX The Work Number® provides a secure way for verifiers to obtain employment information.  Verifiers include mortgage lenders, banks, leasing companies, and other financial entities that use TALX to verify proof of employment and income of employees. It is quick, simple and speeds up the credit/loan application process.

You must give someone authorization to get your income information from the service. There are numerous ways in which you can give someone authorization to access your income information, such as by signing a borrower’s authorization form when applying for a loan. 

Verifiers can be defined as entities that:
  • Need proof of employment or income to grant credit
  • Need proof of employment for you to monitor your investment portfolio or loans, or a
  • Government agency that needs to determine eligibility for government assistance

TALX The Work Number® only provides employment and income verification for civilian federal employees (not Fellows or Commission Corps). If you are a Fellow, please contact the appropriate supervisor or Program Office for verification.  Former employees may review the benefits page for Former Employees.

Key advantages for employees

  • Quick/Simple – Secure Automated verification service
  • Time Efficient – Speeds up credit/loan application process
  • Verify Anytime/Anywhere – Accessible 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • Widely used by most companies
  • No cost to employees for using TALX. Ask your verifier/lender if they charge a fee. [1]

How to use TALX

  1. Complete the verifier’s authorization form. Provide all names/aliases by which you were known during your federal service.
  2. Some verifiers will request that you create a salary key so they are able to obtain your income information. If a salary key is needed you will need to log into TALX to create a salary key.
  3. Provide the verifier with:
    • TALX access options. Either access the TALX website or phone number (1-800-367-5690; Option #3)
    • HHS Employer Code: 14775
      Note: other agencies have their own Employer Code. Information for employees who have left federal service is available at the NARA.gov website.
    • The Salary Key  (if needed).

New users first time login

  • Logging into TALX is optional for employees choosing to provide verifiers with proof of employment.  First time login is only needed if you have a request to create a salary key for your verifier, you want to review your employment data in TALX, or if you just want additional information about employment verifications through TALX.
  • First time login instructions: Go to the TALX employee login page using this link for additional steps.

More support & information for employees and verifiers

Verifiers must enroll to use TALX.  According to TALX, a fee is required to obtain an employment verification from them.

TALX charges fees to verifiers. It is rare that verifiers will pass on these charges to an HHS employee since many lenders are already subscribed to TALX. However, if a verifier or lender informs you that you will be charged for your employment verification, make sure to request a coupon code before the verification using the steps below to avoid or reduce any fees.

  1. Please submit a support ticket to contact HR Systems Support,
  2. Select 'Get Help With An HR System'
  3. Request a limited use "coupon code" for your verifier.  Please provide the Verifier's Organization name, Address, and a Point of Contact with email address.

You will receive a code that will allow your verifier to use the TALX service at a free or reduced price.