Getting Started

What is Workforce Planning and Why is it Important?

Workforce planning is the process of analyzing the current workforce, determining future needs, and identifying the gap between the present and the future. The goal is to ensure your organization has the right people with the right skills at the right time. Factors such as people, skills, positions, and timing, need to be aligned to fulfill strategic objectives.

Workforce planning is composed of six phases: strategic direction, supply analysis, demand analysis, gap analysis, solution implementation and monitoring progress.

How to Get Started

There are two common paths to get started. Ask yourself: do you know your workforce planning needs? For example, do you have a specific workforce concern or project you’d like to accomplish such as succession planning, creating a workforce analytics snapshot, or conducting a work analysis? If so, select path 1 (needs known) below to find more resources. If you do not have a specific need but you would like to understand your workforce better and create a strategy to develop your workforce by creating a workforce planning, go to path 2 (unidentified needs).

Path 1: We have a specific workforce need

Path 2: Unsure of our workforce planning needs