Leave Approving Officials

Prior to Leave Bank Approval: 

  • Applicant submits Section A of NIH Form 2940. The medical condition does not need to be disclosed.
  • Within 5 days of receipt, you will
    • consult with the supervisor
    • complete Section B of the form
  • Box 12: select one option.
    • Determination: Consider the length of time the office can afford to have the employee out. You are not obligated to approve the leave unless the applicant invokes and is eligible for the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).
      • Disapprovals: Consult with the servicing employee relations specialist for leave policies. Select "No" and provide the reason for the disapproval.
      • Approval for a portion of time: Select “Some.” Indicate the dates that are approved or select the box that approves all FMLA entitled leave.
      • Approval: Select "Yes".
  • Box 13: Indicate the level of physical exertion required by the position.
  • Once section B is complete, subit form to the Leave Bank Office via email at LeaveBank@od.nih.gov or fax to 301-480-6146.

Following Leave Bank Approval:

  • You will receive a confirmation email.
  • Discuss next steps. Schedule a meeting with the recipient and/or the IC’s Leave Bank Coordinators (they serve as timekeepers for employees while a Leave Bank Recipient).
  • Make final determination on scheduling and the amount of leave granted. Requests and approvals are submitting in ITAS.
  • At any time, you may confirm that the time off is medically required and related to the original medical emergency.

Questions. Email LeaveBank@od.nih.gov or  call 301-443-8393.

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