Frequently Asked Questions: Workforce Planning

How do I know if my organization’s workforce strategy needs to be refined? Have there been changes in the workforce that would cause the strategies to need revision?

Getting Started: Strategic Workforce Plan and Template

How do I know if my organization has met its objectives? Did the IC complete its action plan on time?

Getting Started: Strategic Workforce Plan and Template

How will my organization define what success looks like?

Getting Started: Strategic Workforce Plan and Template

How can I improve the diversity of my workforce through workforce planning practices? Where do I need to consider adjusting recruitment/other human capital strategies to support diversity and inclusion?

Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

How are competencies being updated to reflect the changing business environment?

Competencies Overview Guide

What competency gaps exist in my workforce?

Competencies Overview Guide

How do I determine what workforce my organization will need in the future?

Getting Started: Strategic Workforce Plan and Template

How can I leverage data/analytics to identify future needs?
What recruitment flexibilities/mechanisms are available to me to hire the talent that I need?

Contact OHR Client Services Division or OHR Corporate Recruitment Team

Are there Key or Mission-Essential Positions with high turnover / low engagement rates?

Mission-Essential and Key Positions Guide

Why should I identify key positions or mission-essential positions/functions? What criteria should I use?
How do I identify meaningful actions to address employee engagement challenges?
How do I better assess who in my workforce may be leaving or who may want to leave?

Stay Interview Guide

What are some recommended strategies (promising practices) around employee engagement? How do I better retain people?
What should I do to prepare for a known upcoming departure? How do I backfill? What do I need to do to prepare a successor for success in the position?
How do I deal with the retirement wave? What strategies can I implement?
Who will be retirement eligible in the coming years? Of those, how many are actually likely to retire in that period?
What is the current distribution of employee years of service?

nVision HR (Standard Report: Onboards by HN)

Can the workforce be arranged differently to better facilitate workload coverage?

Position Analysis Guide

What new ways of working or skill mix would aid in recruitment?
Are there local recruitment sources that can provide top talent?

Contact OHR Corporate Recruitment Team

How will turnover of key staff affect your organization's ability to deliver services?
How many employees are at each organizational level?

nVision HR

How well does the current workforce align/support your business strategy?

Contact the NIH WFP WG

How do I get my scientific workforce to buy in to proactive workforce planning activities?

Getting Started: WFP Business Case Overview and Template