Non-NIH Students

HHS Employees

The NIH Training Center is pleased to invite HHS employees to attend training. If you are an HHS employee but not on staff at NIH, you can take NIH Training Center classes only if there is a training agreement established with your Operating Division (OpDiv) and your Staff Division (StaffDiv). Such 'interagency agreements' are typically established for multiple years, for the benefit of allowing many persons to attend training, and include a large funding cap.

If you are interested in NIH training and your OpDiv does not currently have an agreement with the NIH Training Center, talk to your internal training experts and mangers about the possibility of establishing a written financial agreement the allows employees from other HHS operating divisions to attend NIHTC classes. A Training Coordinator will be assigned to coordinate registrations and liaison on all related issues. Please contact the NIH Training Center via email with details about your training needs at

If your Operating Division ALREADY has an agreement with the NIH Training Center, please continue reading this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Guide for Approved Students:

Who is eligible to take NIHTC courses?

You are eligible to take our courses based on three criteria:

  1. Your Operating Division has established a formal agreement with NIH Training Center for specified courses.
  2. You have received funding and registration approval, through your OpDiv Coordinator, to attend each specific course offering.
  3. You have satisfied any prerequisites for the desired course (differs from course to course as noted).

Where can I see the NIH Training Center course listings, dates/times and locations?

Please view our Course Catalog page to access the listings by category and schedule. While courses are offered throughout the year, some are not listed and available for registration on our course website until the prior course offering is filled - so check back often. If you have questions about future dates for a class, please contact the Training Center at

Do I have a limit to the number of NIH Training Center courses I can attend?

Please contact your supervisor and/or your OpDiv Coordinator for questions regarding limits on number, frequency, or cost for course attendance.

What is the registration process for non-NIH employees and how early can I start?

Please provide the following information to your OpDiv Coordinator as soon as you find a course of interest since many popular courses fill-up several weeks prior to the course start date:

  • Information about course: name, number, date, time, location and cost
  • Information about yourself: full name, title, division, phone number, and email
  • Record of your supervisor's approval of attendance and funding for the particular course offering

Following notice to us from your OpDiv Coordinator, the NIH Training Center program support team will help facilitate your class registration.

Who can I contact about the program and logistics of a particular course?

Once you are registered for a course, detailed logistical information is automatically sent to your email box (as provided by the OpDiv Liaison who manages internal approvals). If more information is then needed, please contact the NIHTC at or 301-496-6211, citing the course name in the subject line. You will be directed to the appropriate contact for each course.

I am registered for my desired course. What preparations do I make prior to the first day?

In general, NIH Training Center courses do not require any preparations prior to the course. You will be notified by e-mail confirming the details on the course location, and if any preparation/pre-assessment is required. We recommend that you bring a pen and notepad to the course. Please make arrangements to arrive to the class location early. If a course is on NIH's main campus, plan on at least 30 minutes to find parking and locate your class classroom.

How do I know if a course cancels at the last minute, or is delayed due to weather?

For NIH Training Center weather policy guidelines, please visit our NIH Operating Status webpage. The NIH Training Center program support team will send you an email prior to the class session regarding any schedule changes to your course. As a general rule, the NIH Training Center uses OPM guidelines and the Montgomery County Public School inclement weather warnings to re-schedule classes due to inclement weather.

How do I access NIH buildings/classrooms?

You will be screened and provided with a “Visitor” badge upon arrival. Please remember to bring your HHS ID with you.

Where can I find parking information for my class?

You will be provided with parking details specific to your class location via email. Please be sure to make any arrangements for employee parking/travel with your own office directly.

I’ve taken an NIH Training Center class. How do I ensure that my agency knows about my participation? Are your course credits transferable?

Once you have completed a course, the NIHTC will inform your OpDiv Coordinator, who can arrange to apply credit to your transcript in your local tracking system or LMS. Please contact your OpDiv Coordinator to confirm any course credits and transcript.