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HHS Employees

The NIH Training Center is pleased to invite HHS employees to attend training. If you are an HHS employee, you may attend NIH Training Center (NIHTC) classes only if there is a training agreement established with your Operating Division (OpDiv) or your Staff Division (StaffDiv). Such training agreements are called “Interagency Agreements (IAAs)” and are typically established for multiple years.

Check in and find out if your OpDiv/StaffDiv has an IAA established.

If there isn’t an agreement established, talk to your internal training experts and managers about the possibility of establishing one. The only method for attending an NIHTC class is via an IAA.

NIH Training Center Process to Attend Classes

  1. Contact your OpDiv/StaffDiv Training Coordinator to confirm if there is an IAA in place. 
  2. If an IAA is in place, your OpDiv/StaffDiv Coordinator can tell you what internal guidelines you’ll need to follow to attend training.
    • Specific NIHTC classes, or Closed Enrollment classes, are group classes that your OpDiv/StaffDiv will advertise internally for you to attend. 
    • Open Enrollment Classes are classes directly listed in the NIHTC Course Catalog. If your OpDiv/StaffDiv has arranged for Open Enrollment class access, you can contact your OpDiv/StaffDiv Training Coordinator for approval to attend a class date. DO NOT directly contact the NIH Training Center.

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