NIH Contractors and Non-NIH Students

NIH Contractors

The NIH Training Center(NIHTC) invites NIH contractors to attend any classes offered. Contractors must obtain approval from their IC and may need to seek approval from their agencies. In addition, be prepared to discuss how time and fees to attend training will be handled.

Non-NIH Students

The NIH Training Center(NIHTC) currently does not have an agreement in place with any HHS Operating Divisions or other federal agencies allowing students to attend our classes. At this time, there are no plans for a new agreement, therefore, only NIH employees may attend NIHTC classes.

HHS Employees

If you are an HHS employee, you may attend NIH Training Center (NIHTC) classes only if there is a training agreement established with your Operating Division (OpDiv) or your Staff Division (StaffDiv). Such training agreements are called “Interagency Agreements (IAAs)” and are typically established for multiple years. 

As mentioned, there are no agreements at this time.

If there isn’t an agreement established, talk to your internal training experts and managers about the possibility of establishing one. The only method for attending an NIHTC class is via an IAA.

Frequently Asked Questions