NIH Employee Recognition Survey

As part of an effort to promote innovative recruitment and retention strategies at NIH, a workforce retention strategies work group launched an NIH Employee Recognition Survey focusing on the types of non-monetary recognition employees find most meaningful. The results reveal that employees at NIH value acknowledgement and leadership support, as well as projects of interest, additional training and time-off awards.

Employee Viewpoint Survey

Each year the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) conducts an employee survey for all of its agencies to assess how well they are doing in providing a positive, healthy, and mission-focused work environment. Employee perceptions are measured by these seven indicator categories: My Work Experience, My Work Unit, My Agency, My Supervisor/Team Leader, Leadership, My Satisfaction, and Work/Life.

Best Places to Work in the Federal Government

NIH Exit Survey

NIH conducts an agency-wide Exit Survey to assess reasons for turnover and promote retention planning. Federal (FTE) separating employees (leaving NIH, moving ICs, expired appointments, retiring), are eligible to participate in the survey. Results from the NIH Exit Survey assess the top reasons why people are leaving, how satisfied employees were with NIH/their IC, what their IC could have done to retain them, and other pertinent information related to turnover and retention. Quarterly and annual reports are presented via the SmartHR Reporting Tool. Survey results are used towards retention and engagement efforts, and can be used in conjunction with separation workforce metrics provided in the reports, as well as the Action Planning Module in SmartHR to assist ICs with action planning facilitation.

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