Request HR Systems Access

Requesting new or modifying systems access

OHR staff

  1. Complete the Access Disclosure Form. and send to your WiSC Member 
  2. Your WiSC member will then submit your access request ticket 

Administrative staff (non-HR)

  1. Complete the Access Disclosure Form
  2. Submit a "Get Access to an HR System" ticket and attach your completed access disclosure form(s)

Helpful HRSA tips for administrative staff (non-HR)

  • Ensure that your IC approver you have selected is from the approved list
  • Include your signed access disclosure form with your ticket
  • If you are submitting a modify ticket, please ensure that you have included your current access and the additional access you are requesting
  • Not sure what access you may need? Check out the IC Access Resource sheet
  • If you are requesting to mirror your access after one of your team members, verify what access they have first so you know what to select on your ticket