What is the LMS?

The HHS Learning Portal is a department-wide Learning Mangement System (LMS). The LMS is the official system of record for managing the training needs. This system streamlines the training registration process, allows access to training, tracks the delivery of training, and enables reporting on training initiatives. 

How do I log on to the LMS?

For detailed instructions, please refer to the Employee Login tip sheet.

How do I change my LMS password?

The HHS Learning Portal/LMS now employs HHS Simplified Sign-On (SSO) functionality through the HHS Access Management System (AMS). As a result, your LMS credentials are now the same as your NIH network credentials. To change your NIH network/LMS password, contact the NIH IT Service Desk.

How do I search and register for a course?

For detailed instructions, please refer to the Search for a Course and Register tip sheet.

How do I launch an online course?

Please refer to the Launch an Online Course tip sheet.

How do I register for an NIH Training Center class that requires tuition?

Please refer to the NIH Training Center Course Registration page.

Is there a time limit for activity in the LMS system?

Yes. After 15 minutes of inactivity, you will be automatically logged off. You will need to log on again in order to continue.

A class that I am interested in taking is no longer in the LMS. What happened?

The class/offering may no longer be accepting enrollments, has already taken place, or is being discontinued. You may either continue to look for new offerings of the course in the future, or for NIH Training Center courses, contact the NIH Training Center at NIHTrainingCenter@nih.gov

Is there free training in the LMS?

Yes. There are over 3,000 free Skillsoft self-paced training courses available in the LMS. These collections include, but are not limited to, GovEssentials, Well-BeingEssentials, BusinessPro, and OfficeEssentials.

What other free resources are available in the LMS?

The LMS has Books & Videos, which offers over 15 topical collections to cover the desktop and business information needs of NIH staff. These collections include:

  • The full text of thousands of leading professional books from the industry's top authors and publishers
  • Concise summaries of today's foremost books for business and government
  • A mobile-accessible site where users may access the full content and functionality of the Books & Videos platform in “Books & Videos On The Go”
  • Title recommendations from the HHS community
  • In addition, there are over 100 free audio books that you can download to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

Please see the SkillSoft Training page for more details about Books & Videos titles that are available and how to find them in the LMS.

What should I expect when converting from a contractor to a federal employee?

This process is seamless and you will not experience anything different while using the LMS. Please check your transcript to ensure that your training history has not been affected. If you experience complications with this process, please submit a support ticket.

With which web browser should I view the LMS?

PC users should access the LMS through Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. Mac users should access the LMS through the Safari Web browser. Do NOT use Mozilla Firefox 2.0 (or higher) to access the LMS unless otherwise specified.

Many functions in the LMS require pop-up windows. Make sure your browser allows pop-ups from the LMS. For help with this, please contact the NIH IT Service Desk

Getting Help

How can I get LMS help?

For LMS related assistance, please submit a support ticket.

How can I get help regarding a NIH Training Center class?

For NIH Training Center related assistance, please contact the NIH Training Center or call (301) 496-6211.

Who should I contact about training nomination submissions through iProcurement?

Contact the NIH IT Service Desk, or call 301-496-4357. When entering the ticket, select the NBS option.

Is there a report available that will show what NIH Training Center training courses I've approved?

The NIH Order Approvals by Approver report allows you to extract a record of what trainings you had approved during a specific timeframe.

How can I find out what NIH Training Center classes an employee has completed or signed up for, and the cost? 

The NIH Order Reconciliation Report allows you to reconcile what is in the accounting system to what is in the LMS.


What do I do if is the HHS Learning Portal Link is not available to me through AMS?

Failure to access the LMS during the past 365 days will cause your LMS account to be automatically deactivated. To reactivate your account, contact your IC LMS Administrator, who will follow the Reactivating a Deactivated Account instructions. After an IC LMS Administrator takes action, accounts take 24 hours to be reactivated. After 24 hours, users have six grace days to successfully log on. This resets the 365 day cycle, allowing the user another year before deactivation.

Why didn't my manager receive an email notification regarding my enrollment request?

It's likely the manager designated in your LMS profile is not who you expect it to be. The manager listed in the LMS is your supervisor (for employees) or project officer (for contractors) in NED. To check to see who is currently designated as your manager in the LMS:

  1. Log on to the LMS.
  2. From the Home Page, select your name in the blue header to open "My Profile".
  3. Verify that the correct “Manager” is listed. If your manager information is incorrect, contact your servicing AO to have your supervisor/project officer updated in NED. This change will take effect in the LMS within 2-3 days. 

How do I know if I have an LMS account?

All NIH staff listed in the NIH Enterprise Directory (NED) with an “Active Directory” (AD) account have an account created from them in the LMS. If you are unsure whether you have an AD account, please check the “NIH AD Email” field of your NED profile. If an email address is listed, then you should have a valid LMS account.

I have an LMS account, but why can't I log in?

Your LMS account may be deactivated due to non-use (366 days). If you think this is the case, please submit a support ticket to request reactivation.


How do I verify that I am enrolled in a training course?

  1. Log on to LMS.
  2. From the “Home” page, click the "Learning" tab.
  3. The “Current Learning” page appears, that contains all of your current enrollments.

What is the "Status" column used for in the enrollments on the "Current Learning" page?

The “Status” in each enrollment on the “Current Learning” page indicates the status of your existing course registrations:


The course enrollment has been approved through the LMS training order approval workflow.
Note: A “Confirmed” status in the LMS does not guarantee that you have a confirmed seat in the class. You will receive an email notification confirming your seat in the class. If you do not, please verify with your NIH Training Center coordinator before attending training.

Not Evaluated

You are registered for the class but have not yet completed the course content necessary to determine completion.


A seat is not currently available but your seat will be reserved if one becomes available.

Pending Approval

Your Manager or Additional Approver for Orders (AAO) has yet to approve/deny your request for training through the LMS. In this case you are not eligible for enrollment until your Manager and AAO approves your request.

How do I drop or withdraw my registration from a course?

Please refer to the Drop a Course tip sheet.


How do I print a certificate of completion?

For detailed instructions, please refer to the Print a Certificate of Completion tip sheet.

Why doesn't my transcript include all the training I have taken at NIH?

Your LMS transcript will only include training taken through or that has been added to the LMS. If you are looking for any other specific training records, you should consult the course owner and/or tracking system owner. Training records can be added your transcript by an LMS administrator as long as documentation is provided.

Can I add training to my transcript?

No. If training was completed outside of the LMS, an LMS administrator must add the training to your LMS transcript for you. To identify an LMS Administrator in your IC, please refer to the IC LMS Administrators list.

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Managing Training Orders

What is a CAN?

The Common Accounting Number (CAN) is used for managing financial transactions by the NIH Business Systems (NBS) organization.

Do LMS orders for NIH Training Center classes need to have the CAN number added?

Yes, all fee-based training orders for classes provided by the NIH Training center must have the CAN number added to them. This is required in order to complete the process for creating an obligation in the NBS financial system.

I am a Manager or an Alternate Manager in the LMS. How do I add a CAN number?

Follow the instructions on the Add/Review a CAN on an Order--Manager or Alternate Manager tip sheet.

I'm a Manager in the LMS. How do I approve or reject a training order?

  1. Log on to LMS.
  2. Select the "Inbox" icon for the Message Center.
  3. Click the "Approve Team Registrations" tab.
  4. Under the “Actions” column for a specific enrollment, click “Actions” and then click “Approve” or “Reject.”

For additional details, please see the Approving Orders--Manager tip sheet.

I'm an Alternate Manager in the LMS. How do I approve or reject a training order?

  1. Log on to LMS.
  2. Select the "Inbox" icon for the Message Center.
  3. Click the "Approve Team Registrations" tab.
  4. Select "Alternate Team" in the "View Registrations For" drop-down menu.
  5. Under the “Actions” column for a specific enrollment, click “Actions” and then click “Approve” or “Reject.”

For additional details, please see the Approving Orders--Alternate Manager tip sheet.

I'm an Additional Approver for Orders (AAO) in the LMS. How do I add a CAN number?

Please follow the instructions on the Add/Review a CAN on an Order--AAO tip sheet.

I'm an Additional Approver for Orders (AAO) in the LMS. How do I approve/reject a training order?

  1. Log on to LMS.
  2. Select the "Inbox" icon for the Message Center.
  3. Click the "Approve Registrations" tab.
  4. Under the "Actions" column for a specific enrollment, click “Actions” and then click “Approve” or “Reject”.

For additional details, please see the Approving Orders--AAO tip sheet.

What do I do if the order was approved with an incorrect CAN?

After a valid CAN is entered and the approval is made, that evening the obligation is sent to NBS. If the CAN is changed after the obligation had been sent to NBS, it creates an billing file error. The error indicates that when the class is closed out, the CAN in the obligation will not match the CAN in the accrual. So, please do not change the CAN after the order has been approved and the obligation sent to NBS. Instead, do the following:

  1. Drop the enrollment.
  2. Re-register them.
  3. Enter the correct CAN.
  4. Approve the new order.

If you have any concerns, please contact the NIH Training Center or call 301-496-6211.

Approval Process

What happens when the funds approver is on leave?

An LMS Local Learning Registrar can serve as a backup to make the approval on the behalf of the funds approver by going to the learner’s enrollments area. It is recommended that a business process be established so the backup has formal documentation designating them to make the approval.

Can we add new "org codes" to the LMS?

The organization codes in LMS profiles come from the data feeds – (i.e. EHCM and NED). If the organizational codes are changed in the source systems, they will automatically be updated in the LMS.

Can we change the identified "Additional Approver" at a later date if needed?

Yes – there are two data feeds for changing the “Additional Approver” in the LMS.

  1. There is a default approver data feed that assigns an “Additional Approver” to their LMS profile automatically as soon a new person is on-boarded based upon their organizational code, and
  2. If the approver for an organization changes, this change must be provided in an approver data file that is provided to HR System Solutions (HRSS). Then all the persons in that organization/sub organization will be updated with the new approver based upon this approver data file.

How long will a registration be allowed to sit in the supervisor's queue without being approved?

The learner, approvers, and administrators will be able to monitor an item for action in case follow-up is needed. This can be done by viewing the learner’s enrollments. An acceptable time to wait would be an IC-determined policy.

Are reminders sent to notify the approver that a registration is awaiting their approval?

Time limits are not built in to the system. There are no further reminders other than the initial notification that is sent.

If a Training Administrator enters the registration for a Learner will an email be sent to the Learner and the Supervisor?


Will it be possible for a LMS Administrator to re-route a training request once it has been entered if either approver (Additional Approver on Orders or Supervisor) is not available? This would eliminate the necessity of having learners reenter the information, once the system is updated.

If a Manager is not available, a LMS Local Learning administrator can substitute another person's name for the Manager or enter an Alternate Manager for same-day action. The new name will be written back to the original by the data feed that night. For the Additional Approver, only a LMS Human Capital Administrator/People Administrator can change the “Additional Approver” in the learner’s profile. For long-term changes, there is a process through which HR System Solutions (HRSS) can change the designated Additional Approver name using a data file.

Can a mechanism be built into LMS such that the learner or someone will be notified if a request is not responded to by an approver within a certain period of time, such as 3 or 5 days?

The learner and approvers will receive one email notification if something is in their approval queue. The learner, approvers, and administrators will also be able to monitor an item for action in case follow-up is needed. This can be done by viewing the learner’s enrollments.

Can one person approve twice (for the supervisor and the additional approver)?

A LMS Local Learning Registrar has the ability to make both levels of approval. It is recommended that a business process be established so the backup has formal documentation designating them to make the approval. 

Does the person who enters the request (for someone else) need to have local learning admin training? For example, can a contractor support staff enter a learning request for another individual without training?

A manager/supervisor can enter a request for a direct or alternate 'team member' without additional training. For any other person to register someone else for training would need LMS Local Learning Registrar access.

Supervisory Training

What are the OPM and HHS training requirements?

  • Any new supervisor whose entry on duty (EOD) date is December 2009 or after must take supervisor training on the OPM/HHS required topics within one year of their EOD date. Training must be classroom based and delivered in-person.
  • Supervisors with three or more years of supervisory experience must take 16 hours of training every three years. Training must first address the OPM required topics. After meeting the OPM requirements, the training may then address any of the HHS suggested topics or any of the leadership/management competency areas. Training may be classroom based, delivered in-person or online.

Who is required to take supervisor training?

IC supervisors are required to take supervisory training and/or training to fulfill OPM and HHS requirements. If you sign off on employee PMAPs or other performance-based plans, you fall into this category and are required to take training. Employees temporarily assigned or detailed to a supervisory position that exceeds 90 days are required to fulfill this requirement. If you are a new team lead or are on your way to becoming a team lead or official supervisor, you do not fall under this portion of the OPM mandate. Training in these areas will prepare you to carry out supervisory responsibilities successfully, so we encourage you to receive training on these topics even if not required.

When do I need to take training?

New supervisors must complete training within one calendar year of their start date. Experienced supervisors must take training every three years. The current experienced supervisor refresher training cycle runs from December 10, 2012 to December 9, 2013.

Where can I take training?

The NIH Training Center offers fee-based training that fulfills supervisory training requirements. Refer to the NIH Resources for Mandatory Supervisor Training. Many outside training companies, including Management Concepts and the American Management Association, offer leadership training programs. Training may also be obtained from leadership conferences or other sources deemed appropriate. Experienced supervisors can satisfy OPM training requirements for on-going training by taking training. Free online training is available through the LMS.

What free classes can I take online through LMS to help meet the refresher training requirement?

LMS contains hundreds of free online courses that may be used to fulfill the refresher training requirements. Note: Online training can only satisfy the supervisor refresher training requirement.

Can I read books to receive refresher training credit?

It's recognized that self-directed study can play a role in professional development. In order to acknowledge this, existing supervisors may receive credit for reading one book, which may count for up to two hours refresher training, every three years.This may only be applied towards the required 16 hours of refresher training.

How do I show/prove compliance with the requirement?

Compliance is tracked through LMS. NIH Training Center staff manages its course rosters and ensures enrollment is captured on your LMS learning transcript.

What if I take training outside of NIH/HHS?

If you take training outside of NIH/HHS, provide a LMS Administrator with a certificate of completion and a course description. Your attendance and credit hours will be entered into the LMS, and your attendance will appear on your LMS learning transcript. Please refer to the IC LMS Administrators list.

LMS Administrator Training

How do I get LMS Admin rights?

You must take NIH LMS training to receive administrator privileges within the LMS system. The following are the list of LMS administrator classes and their descriptions:

  • LMS Local Learning Registrar - This hands-on course will provide an introduction to the LMS and the permissions associated with Local Learning Registrar. During this course, hands-on exercises will be completed by learners in a training environment to simulate the steps needed to perform basic Local Learning Registrar functions such as registering learners for offerings, approving pending registrations, adding a CAN to an existing registration, and managing learner profiles and transcripts.
  • LMS Learning Administrator - This 1.5 day course provides an introduction to the LMS and the permissions associated with Learning Administrators. Hands-on exercises are performed in a training environment to simulate basic LMS functions, which include creating and modifying courses and their offerings, managing rosters and training resources, and running reports.

How do I get my LMS Admin rights added to my LMS profile after completing the training?

LMS administrator privileges are not automatically granted upon completion of training. Visit the Request HR Systems Access page to learn how to gain administrator privileges after completing training.