Appointment of Certain Family Members of Overseas Employees Eligibility

Federal regulations (5 CFR 315.608) offer certain former overseas employees and family members the ability to apply to federal government announcements and to be appointed non-competitively to a position. Your eligibility does not entitle you to a job within the federal government. You must still apply, compete, and meet qualification standards and additional requirements, such as a background investigation.

If applying to an announcement directly, the announcement must be accepting applications from outside of the Department of Health and Human Services.

You may be eligible if you meet all of the requirements below:

  • You are living overseas with a family member, who is officially assigned to an overseas duty station as an appropriated fund employee;
  • You are the family member’s spouse, domestic partner, or unmarried child younger than 23;
  • You have worked at least 52 weeks in an appropriated fund position, under a local hire appointment;
  • You have received a successful or equivalent performance rating during your time on the job; AND,
  • You have returned to the United States to resume residence less than 3 years ago.

Required Documentation

To verify your eligibility, you must submit

  • A copy of your Notification of Personnel Action, Standard Form 50 (SF-50); AND,
  • A copy of your latest performance appraisal.

You must submit all required documents by the closing date of the announcement with your application package.

For more information, review USAJOBS Former Overseas Employees resources.