On April 22, 2024, HHS released the updated Instruction 990-1 Workplace Flexibilities Policy. NIH OHR's Workplace Flexibilities websites and resources are in the process of being updated due to recent policy changes. We appreciate your patience as we update our resources and release communications related to policy implementation.


Telework is a flexible work arrangement where employees perform their job duties at an approved alternate worksite. Telework aligns with and supports the following:

  • Accomplishment of work
  • Agency productivity
  • Continuity of Operations Plans and emergency preparedness
  • Recruitment/retention strategies
  • Reduction of traffic and emissions
  • Government real estate cost savings for taxpayers
  • Work/life wellness

Employees are not entitled to telework. Employees should discuss telework eligibility and arrangements with their supervisors. Please use the HR Contacts form to find your IC Workplace Flexibilities Liaison.