USA Performance (USAP)


USA Performance (USAP) is an automated performance management system for Senior Executive Service (SES) and Senior-Level Title 42 executives. It is managed by OPM and rolled out HHS-wide for the FY 2019 performance management cycle.

NIH SES and Senior-Level Title 42 executives will use USA Performance for their individual performance plans. Currently, USA Performance does not apply to SL/ST employees. SL/ST employees will continue to use the HHS Basic SL-ST Plan Template currently in use.

Features of USA Performance

  • Increase transparency
  • Improve efficiency of the performance management process
  • Support transparent communication
  • Ensure compliance and consistency
  • Enhance accountability
  • Align with ​OMB Directive M-12-18 to reduce paper and use electronic record keeping

Please note

  • USA Performance supports Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome
  • Users must be connected to the NIH VPN prior to accessing the system
  • Your username is your global email address
  • To avoid lost work, we encourage you to create your work in a word document and copy/paste into the system


USA Performance (USAP) is an automated, web-based tool that assists in the implementation of their Senior Executive Service performance management programs. It provides stream-lined, easily accessible, on-line performance plans. USAP allows Executives and Rating Officials to develop performance plans, provide feedback and ratings, and electronically sign performance plans. Please note that only designated users are granted access to USAP. For access, please email your agency administrator.

USA Performance Roles
Role Definition
Executive Senior Executive Service (SES) and Senior-Level T-42 Executives (or their proxies) may create and edit their own plans. They must sign their own plan at each stage of the performance management cycle.
Proxy Individual assigned by the SES or Senior-Level T-42 executive or Rating Official. Proxies can perform all the duties of the user to which they are assigned except they cannot remove signatures or sign the plan on behalf of an Executive or Rating Official.
Rating Official The individual to whom the SES or Senior-Level T-42 Executive reports. They approve and sign the establishment of performance plans for their subordinate executives, provide feedback in progress reviews, and prepare end-of-year ratings.

Need additional help?

More information on Executive Performance can be found at the Executive Corner. Additionally, for USAP system help, please contact your agency administrator.