USA Performance


USA Performance (USAP) is an automated performance management system for Senior Executive Service (SES) and Senior-Level Title 42 executives. It is managed by OPM and is rolling out HHS-wide for the FY2019 performance management cycle.

NIH SES and Senior-Level Title 42 executives will use USA Performance for their individual performance plans. At this time, USA Performance will not apply to SL/ST employees. SL/ST employees will continue to use the same electronic form currently in use. A timeframe for USAP implementation for SL/ST employees has not been established by HHS.

Important dates

  • Completion of Executive Mid-Year Progress Reviews and Revision(s) to FY 19 Executive Performance Plans: May 17, 2019
  • Certification to OHR that all required actions have been completed: May 28, 2019


HHS is transitioning to USA Performance in order to:
  • Increase transparency
  • Improve efficiency of the performance management process
  • Support transparent communication
  • Ensure compliance and consistency
  • Enhance accountability
  • Align with ​OMB Directive M-12-18 to reduce paper and use electronic recordkeeping

Accessing USAP

USA Performance currently works with Internet Explorer version 10 and above and Google Chrome version 39 and above.

  1. Navigate to the USA Performance login page
  2. Type in your username and initial password
  3. Select the "Sign In" button
  4. Change your password at the prompt
  5. Read and accept the Rules of Behavior, then continue to the Welcome page
  6. You're then directed to the Home/Dashboard page

You may also use your PIV card to log in to USAP once initial login procedures are completed.

Forgot your password?

Users may request a new password through the “Forgot Password” link on the log in page; new passwords are sent within 15 minutes of the request. Please note a password reset can only be done once in a 24-hour period. Users should double check their spam/junk folder for the password reset email.

Overview of USA Performance

USA Performance Help

For assistance, please contact: