The WiTS Project Team

The WiTS Project Team is based in the Systems Analytics and Information Division (SAID), within the OHR. We proudly serve the NIH’s Office of Human Resources with HR tracking needs.

Our mission

To assist the NIH OHR in recruiting and retaining a highly skilled and diverse workforce by providing a superior tool to enable the automation, standardization and streamlining of HR and HR-related processes and to provide active and accurate tracking, monitoring and reporting on the associated data.

Our vision

To make WiTS the preeminent tool for business process automation activities at the NIH.

Our values

These values guide our decisions, actions and behaviors and help us execute our mission as we work toward our vision.

Business Acumen. We use our expertise in Federal HR laws and experience with NIH OHR policies and procedures to build and maintain a system that reflects the way that NIH OHR does its business. Our awareness of how WiTS should perform in actual real-life scenarios helps us gather and refine customer requirements, and perform post-development activities (testing, training and user support).

Accuracy. We strive to ensure that WiTS and its components maintain a high level of data and process integrity, and that data received from interfacing systems is smoothly integrated.

Technology. We maintain an awareness of current and emerging technologies and strive to ensure that WiTS employs the best tools possible and remains current with the ever-evolving IT industry.

Creativity and Innovation. We use creativity to provide innovative solutions to customer process challenges and meet reporting needs, while keeping our end-users informed and engaged.

Customer Focus. We operate with a strong focus on the business needs of our customers and stakeholders, with deep respect for what they do, and always keeping in mind that we are in the business of assisting them in carrying out their missions.

Continuous Improvement. We strive to identify ways to do what we do better. Always.

What we do

The work that the WiTS Project Team performs in support of the system is segmented into three broad areas: Functional Activities, Technical Activities, and User Engagement as follows:

  • Functional Activities are associated with the development of new (or modifications to existing) workflows, forms, dashboards and/or reports. This includes major Enhancement projects as well as minor changes. Functional activities include requirements gathering, workflow/form/report design, initial testing, etc.
  • Technical Activities are associated with system and infrastructure-related projects and maintenance (i.e. BizFlow, SSRS, Oracle and other upgrades; the creation and maintenance of interfaces with other systems; etc.).
  • User Engagement efforts are related to liaising with WiTS users. Communications, training, user support, marketing, etc. are examples of user engagement activities.