WiTS Report Subscription Service


The WiTS Report Subscription Service allows users to have WiTS reports scheduled to be delivered to them at established times/frequencies. You can identify a specific WiTS report (or multiple reports), select your desired report criteria and filters and schedule the frequency and time of day (or night) that you wish to have your reports delivered. Your WiTS reports are delivered to the e-mail box that you specify in your preferred format (PDF, Word or Excel).

This service is extremely useful to those users who generate and review the same WiTS reports on a regular basis. Having WiTS reports delivered directly to your inbox eliminates the need to log into WiTS (or for IC users, the need to log into your report page on the OHR website) and run the same report time after time.

How to subscribe

You can request automated report delivery by submitting an HR Systems Support ticket (for IC users) or via the HR Systems Support workflow (for OHR WiTS users) and selecting Issue Category: Report Subscription (New)

Complete Section 1B - Report Subscription Request. In this section you will need to complete the following fields:

  • Report Name - Enter the name of the report.
  • Report Format - Choose to have your report delivered in either PDF, Word, or Excel
  • Email Address - Enter the email address where you'd like the report to be sent to (Only required if it is a different email than the one indicated in Section 1 of your ticket).
  • Frequency –  Select if you'd like to receive the report daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly
  • Day - Indicate the day that you'd like the report delivered.
  • Time – Select the time that you'd like the report delivered.
  • Report Parameters – Select your report criteria just as you currently do from your WiTS report parameter page.

How to modify or delete a subscription

If you need to modify a currently existing report subscription, select Report Subscription (Change) from the WiTS Issue Category list. Identify the Report Name and describe the changes that you are requesting in the corresponding fields.

If you'd like to delete a currently existing report subscription, select Report Subscription (Delete) from the WiTS Issue Category list. Enter the name of the report that you'd like to delete the report subscription for.

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