Military Service

Both FERS and CSRS covered employees may pay a military deposit to “buy” credit to have military service count for civilian retirement purposes.  Depending on your retirement system, see the following information: 

FERS Employees

Crediting military service for retirement purposes depends on when it was performed and if you pay a deposit. Military retired pay will also have an impact.

CSRS or CSRS Offset Employees

Crediting military service for retirement purposes depends on several factors, including when you were first employed under a covered appointment, if you are eligible for social security benefits, and if a deposit is paid.  Military retired pay will also have an impact.

Steps for Paying a Military Deposit

Step 1: Request Military Earnings Information

Complete a request for your military earning (RI20-97). Attach your completed RI 20-97 to a copy of your Discharge Certificate (DD 214) and submit both documents to the appropriate Military Finance Center. (Note: If military service was performed during 1999 and 2000, request a year-by-year earnings for these years only.) 

Step 2: Complete an application to make your deposit

Step 3: Submit documents to your Benefits Contact

Upon receiving your certified RI 20-97 from the Military Finance Center, attach it to your deposit application (SF 2803 or SF 3108) and Discharge Certificate and forward all three documents to your Benefits contact.  (Note:  Filing the documents does not commit you to making the deposit payment.)

Your Benefits Contact will forward your documents to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS).  Within 45 days of receiving your documents, DFAS will mail you information about the amount owed and payment instructions.   If you wish to pay the deposit, it must be paid prior to retiring from Federal Service.