Solution Implementation

 Solution Implementation

The appropriate workforce interventions and activities to close identified workforce gaps and enable your organization to meet its strategic goals. 

Questions to consider

  • How do I use short-term and long-term organization plans/ strategy to inform workforce goals? How do I align workforce planning with my organization’s overall strategy and direction? Where are my organization’s greatest workforce planning needs?
  • What workforce planning services is my organization ready for?
  • How do I get my scientific workforce to buy in to proactive workforce planning activities?
  • How do I articulate the benefits of workforce planning?
  • I want to develop my workforce planning capabilities.
  • How can I use data to inform workforce planning/identify action?
    • What metrics/ratios will best help me monitor/identify workforce challenges/risks? What metrics/ratios should I use to diagnose workforce challenges?
  • How do I determine which data source best matches my need?

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