Pathways FAQs

What can I apply for?

At NIH we understand that applying for a federal position can be confusing. Entry Level Employment upon Graduation – Individuals with an Associate's degree or equivalent will generally be considered at the GS-4, with a Bachelor's degree at the Grade 5 (GS-7 with superior academic achievement), with a Master's degree at the GS-9, and a PhD at the GS-11. See the Qualifying Education or Training table for details.

How can I find the right career field for me?

You can qualify for a large number of administrative jobs with a degree in any academic major. To help you choose the right career field, the Office of Personnel Management has prepared a table that groups Federal jobs that are often filled by college graduates with appropriate academic majors. See Federal Jobs by College Major table for details.

What are the NIH opportunities for individuals pursuing degrees in scientific fields?

For scientific and research training opportunities at the NIH, please visit any of the following links:

I am already an NIH employee. Are there training opportunities for me?

The Management Intern Program (MI) offers outstanding NIH employees the opportunity to explore different administrative career fields, gain invaluable insight into the NIH, and to attain future administrative, leadership positions. If you are eligible and have what it takes for this challenging program, apply and unlock a new career path!