NIH Director's Awards

These annual awards recognize exceptional performance and special efforts beyond regular job assignments.

2021 Director's Awards

The virtual awards site recognizes 3,200 of NIH's finest across all Institutes and Centers.

Visit the Director's Awards website

2022 Director's Awards guidelines

Find out how to nominate NIH employees and contractors for this year's awards cycle.

Director's Awards guidelines

IC Merit Awards

Each Institute facilitates its own awards program. The IC Director, including the NIH Principal Deputy Director for OD, recognizes individuals or groups whose superior service and achievement within that institute or for the mission of that institute warrant special appreciation. These awards are presented by the Director of the Institute or for the OD by the Principal Deputy Director of NIH.

Contact the IC Awards Coordinator for Institute, Center, and Office Awards information.

Employee recognition guidelines

These awards include, Special Act, On-the-Spot, Performance, Time Off, QSI, Referral, Suggestion & Invention. The guidelines for these awards are managed by OHR.

Additional awards programs

Award tools

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