Pay Slip Terms

Your Pay and Earnings Statement can have various codes on it.  Below is a definition chart to help you decode your payslip. This webpage is also available in PDF.

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Item Terms and Definition

FLSA Category: Fair Labor Standards Act   

  • E= Exempt. Not covered
  • N = Nonexempt. Covered.
11 SCD Leave: Service Computation Date used for annual leave accrual purposes
12 Max Leave Carry Over: Maximum hours of annual leave that you can carry over to the next year
13 Leave Year End: Last day of the current leave year
14 Financial Institution - Net Pay: Where payment is deposited
15 Financial Institution - Allotment #1: Where allotment is deposited
16 Financial Institution - Allotment #2: Where allotment is deposited

Tax: Line 1 (FED): Federal tax. Line 2: State tax

Marital Status: M= Married; S= Single

Exemptions: Number of exemptions

Addl: Additional withholding elected


Tax: City, county, or other local tax

Marital Status: M= Married; S= Single

Exemptions: Number of exemptions

Addl Taxing Authority: Additional withholding elected.

Note: This block is normally blank

19 Cumulative Retirement: Contributions to your retirement system since conversion to DFAS (our payroll office) or appointment with DHHS, whichever is later
20 Military Deposit: Applicable to those who are paying a military deposit. Reflects monies owed and/or paid

Gross Pay: Salary before deductions are withheld

Taxable Wages: Wages that are subject to Federal & State taxes

Nontaxable Wages: Wages that are exempt from Federal & State taxes. This includes Flexible Spending Accounts; health, dental, and vision insurance

Tax Deferred Wages: Deductions not subject to Federal & State taxes. This includes Thrift Savings Plan

Deductions: All funds taken from gross pay, i.e., health benefits, Federal/State taxes


Net Pay: Take home pay after deductions

22 TSP Data: Percent withheld for your Thrift Savings Plan Account. If you elect a dollar amount, this block will be blank
Current Earnings
Type Regular Pay. If you have overtime, this is where it will be noted
Hours/Days Total hours

Gross salary payment  

Includes other information such as, Physician’s Comparability Allowance, retention allowance, overtime, differentials, etc.

Retroactive Earnings
Regular Pay Regular Pay. If you have retroactive overtime, this is where it will be noted
Hours/Days Total hours paid retroactively for prior pay period(s)

Gross retroactive salary payment

Includes retroactive payments for Physician’s Comparability Allowance, retention allowance, overtime, differentials, etc.

Allotment,SV 1=personal allotment. If more than one, they are numbered accordingly.
Bond Savings bond election
Charity Contributions to the Combined Federal Campaign
Chld sup,grn Garnishment for child support
Debt, routine Debt for which your salary is offset
Dental Dental insurance
FEGLI Basic life insurance. Code indicates overall elected coverage
FEGLI Optnl Any optional life insurance
FEHB Health insurance. Code indicates plan elected
FSA-HC Flexible Spending Account  for health care
FSA-DC Flexible Spending Account  for dependent care
LTC Emp/Sp Long-Term Care Insurance  for you and/or spouse
Medicare Medicare
OASDI Old Age, Survivor and Disability Insurance (Social Security)
Retire, CSRS or FERS

Contributions to Retirement.

Tax, Federal Federal taxes
Tax, State State taxes

Thrift Savings Plan Catch-Up contributions

TSP Savings Thrift Savings Plan  Regular contributions
TSP Loan Thrift Savings Plan loan
Vision Vision insurance
Item Type
Type Type of leave (annual, sick, holiday, admin, etc)
Prior Yr Balance Leave carried over from previous year
Accrued Pay Pd Leave earned for current pay period
Accrued YTD Leave earned for the current year
Used Pay Pd Leave used for the current pay period
Used YTD Leave used for the year
Donated/Returned Annual leave that you donated or donated annual leave that was returned to you
Current Balance Current leave balance
Use-Lose Term Date Projected annual leave through the end of the year that you will lose if not used. If restored annual leave, then reflects the use or lose date
Benefits Paid By Government For You
Item Type
This section reflects current and year to date contributions
FEGLI Basic life insurance
FEHB Health insurance
Medicare Medicare
OASDI Social Security
Retire, CSRS or FERS Civil Service or FERS (Federal Employees’ Retirement System
TSP Matching Thrift Savings Plan Agency matching contributions
TSP Basic Thrift Savings Plan Agency 1% contributions

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