Application Review Process

You will receive email notification within one business day when your Leave Bank Recipient Application Package is received by the Leave Bank Office (LBO). Once the application is received, the application review process will begin.

Leave Bank Application Review Process

  1. Eligibility Verification & Application Completion: The (LBO) will confirm your eligibility to receive Leave Bank leave and work with you to complete your application package.
  2. Medical Review: Once your application package is complete, your case will be medically reviewed either internally by the LBO or externally by Federal Occupational Health (FOH) to establish the timeframe and duration for your/your family medical emergency.
  3. Leave Need Determination & Eligibility Re-Verification: Your Leave Bank leave need will be determined based on the results of the medical review and established medical emergency timeframe and duration. Leave Bank leave hours may only be utilized when the employee is projected to be in non-pay status for at least 24 hours.
  4. Notification of Decision: You will receive notification from the LBO of the decision on your case. This will include your approved timeframe and number of leave hours you are approved to receive from the Leave Bank. If you are partially approved or disapproved, you may file an appeal.
  5. Approved Leave Bank leave hours transferred to Payroll (DFAS) and in ITAS.

You will receive email notifications regarding the status of your application as it moves through the application review process:

Medical Review Timelines

  • Federal Occupational Health: 15 business days from receipt of a completed application package.
  • Leave Bank Office: 10 business days from receipt of a completed application package.

Delays may occur for:

  • Complex cases
  • Patients with Kaiser insurance
  • Applications received during annual Open Enrollment

Applications that are submitted to FOH for medical review: ensure that your medical provider responds to FOH’s requests for information in a timely manner to avoid delays

Please visit the Leave Bank Recipient Homepage for more information.

For questions, email or call (301) 443-8393.