Supply Analysis

 Conducting a Supply Analysis

Conducting a supply analysis involves understanding the current workforce and how it is projected to change over time, due to attrition and other trends.

Questions to consider

  • How well does the current workforce align/support your business strategy?
  • How many employees are at each organization level?
  • How will turnover of key staff affect your organization's ability to deliver services?
  • Where are my difficult positions to fill? Where am I challenged to fill positions with quality applicants?
  • Are there local recruitment sources that can provide top talent?
  • What new ways of working or skill mix would aid in recruitment?
  • Can the workforce be arranged differently to better facilitate workload coverage?
  • What is the current distribution of employee years of service?

Preserve & Transfer Institutional Knowledge

Identify staff competency needs

How to identify competencies critical to the mission

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