Learning Locations

The NIH Training Center (NIHTC) provides exceptional learning and development opportunities to the NIH. At the start of the pandemic in 2020, the NIHTC quickly pivoted to offer classes via a virtual platform. This delivery format became popular and is now one of the learning locations the NIHTC offers. Based on the feedback from our class evaluations, the NIH community prefers to have options of attending classes either on-site or virtually. The NIHTC is meeting you where you need training!

There are two types of class offered at the NIHTC. Open Enrollment classes allow the NIH community to attend classes. The NIHTC selects and schedules these classes. Closed Enrollment or Group Training classes are solely for an IC and their employees. Generally, ICs work with the NIHTC to select and schedule a class. Both open and closed enrollments can be delivered on-site or virtually. 

If you are an IC interested in conducting a closed enrollment class but do not have a physical location, consider the NIH Training Center.

Contact us to discuss using one of our Training Center Locations.

Learn more about the NIH Training Center Learning Locations below.

Virtual Learning

We are pleased you are learning with us virtually. Our classes are typically conducted in the following platforms. Please review the brief trainings to ensure a great learning experience:

Need more help? The NIH Training Center is here to help you. Contact us prior to your class for assistance - nihtrainingcenter@nih.gov or call 301-496-6211.

Tips For A Successful Class Experience

On-Site Learning

The NIH Training Center (NIHTC) is welcoming back students to our onsite facilities at White Flint and Natcher. Since 2020, much like NIH, the NIHTC has been conducting classes and programs virtually. We are thrilled to have 12,000+ students continue their learning and development with us during the pandemic.  

Several classes and programs will be back onsite- and we are ready for you! The NIHTC will focus on creating a safe learning environment.  

As we open up the Training Center to in-person classes and programs, be aware that we will closely monitor and follow the NIH Covid-19 Safety Guidance and adjust as needed.

At the Training Center we have ample space for our students to socially distance in our training rooms at the White Flint and Natcher Building locations.

Classroom WF2
Classroom White Flint 2
NIHTC WF Classroom 1
Classroom White Flint 1
Natcher Classroom 2
Classroom Natcher 2

The NIHTC remains dedicated to providing the NIH with exceptional training. Our goal is to ensure the safety of NIH employees/contractors while at one of our training centers. NIHTC classes in our White Flint and Natcher facilities will revert to virtual if NIH determines risk levels to increase to Medium transmission.