The NIH is a federal agency and employs several thousand people under different employment mechanisms. Many NIH employees are appointed and paid under Title 5 (the General Schedule) and their pay is governed by regulations and guidance from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Additionally, there are several other types of pay systems at NIH which provide differing benefits.

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NIH Pay Guide

The NIH Pay Guide is a collection of summary information on a variety of pay topics.

Premium Pay Entitlement Tool (P-PET)

Premium Pay Entitlement ToolThe Premium Pay Entitlement Tool (P-PET) will help you determine your eligibility for premium pay at NIH.

Title 5 Pay

Title 5 Pay covers employees under the General Schedule (GS) and Wage Grade (WG) pay plans. This section also includes Senior, Executive & Scientific pay under ES, SL, ST, and EX pay plans.

Title 38 Pay

Title 38 employees are paid under Physician and Dentist Pay program or who receive a special salary rate or premium pay based on their clinical duties.

Title 42 Pay

Scientists employed under Title 42 provide scientific, technical or clinical services.

Senior Executive Service

The Senior Executive Service is a corps of men and women who administer public programs at the top levels of Federal Government.

Workers' Compensation

NIH’s Workers' Compensation Program is responsible for paying benefits to employees who are injured on the job.

Commissioned Corps Pay

Commissioned Corps Pay covers employees who serve in the Commissioned Corps Service.

Looking for salary tables for the present or past? Check out OPM’s website for the most current salary table, as well as salaries dating as far back as 1949.

Also, view OPM's frequently asked pay and leave questions.