How to remove a password from a PDF document


eOPF was upgraded to have an additional layer of security. When printing documents from the Print Request page, you are required to enter a password that is based on your last name and the print request ID number. Follow the steps below to remove the password (encryption).

Step 1: Open the folder

  1. Click the "My eOPF" tab
  2. Click "My eOPF Print Folder"
  3. Select the folder sides to print
  4. Select to print single or double sided
    eOPF print folder
  5. Click the “My eOPF Print Status” tab. Under the “Action” column, you should see the “View” hyperlink.
    If you don't see the “view” hyperlink, click the “refresh” button. Depending on your folder size, this could take a few minutes.
eOPF print status

Step 2: Remove encryption

  1. Enter the appropriate password to open the document
    • (NOTE: If you a have dual or hyphenated last name, only capitalize the first letter of the first last name for the password.)
      eOPF print password
  2. Click "Tools"
  3. Clock "Protection"
  4. Click "Encrypt"
  5. Click "Remove Security"

You must re-save the document for the encryption (password) to be removed.

eOPF acrobat print screen