Emergency Leave Transfer Program (ELTP)

The Emergency Leave Transfer Program (ELTP) assists employees affected by natural disasters and who need additional time off from work without having to use their own paid leave.

Make a Donation

When a situation arises, you may donate leave to colleagues in need under ELTP.

Rules state that you:

  • can only donate annual leave. This includes restored annual leave;
  • cannot donate to a specific individual;
  • must donate a minimum of 1 hour but not more than 104 hours in a leave year; and
  • donated use or lose leave must be requested AND approved by the end of the leave year.


  1. Log into ITAS.  Note: Timekeepers and AOs may also donate on behalf of employees
  2. Click “Donate Leave” on the left menu item
  3. Choose the VLTP recipient set up as “ELTP, HHS”
  4. Select a leave type (either annual leave or restored annual leave)
  5. Insert number of hours to donate
  6. Click “OK”

What happens next? A notification will be sent to you and your Leave Approving Official (LAO). Once your LAO approves the donation, the hours will be deducted from your leave balance. It may take up to two pay periods for the leave to be reflected on your pay slip.

Questions. Speak with your timekeeper, AO or ITAS Coordinator.

Apply for Leave

  1.  Complete the following forms:
  • Application to become a recipient
    • “Date emergency began” is a standardized date that will be announced in accordance with the emergency situation
  • Request for leave form. Under section 4:
    • Select “Other Paid Absence”
    • Enter “HHS ELTP Recipient” in the Remarks section

Note: A personal representative may complete these forms on your behalf if you are unable to complete the application.

  1. Submit completed forms your supervisor.

What happens next? Your supervisor will send the approved forms to the ELTP Coordinator by mail (31/B3C23, MSC 2215) or via fax (301-480-6146).

Additional information

Refer to ELTP Frequently Asked Questions   

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