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Are you having trouble finding an NIH space that meets your needs? Rent a room from the NIH Training Center! We have modern classroom technology, outstanding customer service, and an easy payment process.

With each classroom rental, you will receive basic technical support and equipment including an instructor/meeting leader laptop, projector and flipchartsComputer classrooms are also available. Rooms can accommodate remote participants with an additional technical support charge.

Our headquarters is located off-campus at 11601 Landsdown Street, North Bethesda. There are shuttle services from the NIH campus to White Flint via the Fishers LaneExecutive Boulevard, and Montrose Road. We also have two classrooms available in the Natcher Conference Center (Building 45).

All of our classrooms are equipped with:

  • Instructor laptop and printer
  • Projector and screen
  • Ability to use remote software (e.g. WebEx) for distance learners
  • Video cameras
  • Instructor and student microphones
  • Flip charts and paper
  • Table tents with dry erase surface and markers

Classrooms are equipped with Windows10/Office 365 ProPlus.


Type Classroom Name Capacity Classrooms
Traditional WFI Room - Traditional Classroom 38 Classroom WF1
Computer or Traditional WF2 Room - Computer or Traditional Classroom 24 Classroom WF 2
Computer or Traditional WF3 Room - Computer or Traditional Classroom 38
Conference Room WF1 & 2 Rooms - Combined 52 Classroom WF1 and 2
Traditional NT1 Room (1AF14B) - Traditional Classroom 37 NT1
Computer or Traditional NCC Room (1AF14A) - Computer or Traditional Classroom 16 NCC
Conference Room NT1 & NCC Room (1AF14A/1AF14B) - Combined 65 NT1NCC

Room Rental Prices

2020 Rates Amount
Computer (full or half day) $900
Traditional (full day) $600
Traditional (half day) $300
Conference room (full day) $1500

What’s next?

  1. Request: Call us at 301-496-6211 to confirm room availability. Then complete the online Room Rental Request form and provide your CAN number.
  2. Confirm: The NIHTC will contact you to discuss any details and logistics. Then, we’ll confirm your request by email and confirm your room rental.
  3. Pay: We will process payment and IC approval through the LMS. You will not be charged until the room rental is confirmed and implemented.

Our Policies

Room Rental Policy

Schedule Your Next Event at the NIH Training Center

  • Cancellation: Room reservations can be cancelled up to 10 business days prior to rental date without penalty. Any cancellations received after the cancellation deadline will result in a charge of the full agreed upon amount.
    • Last minute booking: In some cases, we can accommodate last-minute rentals if our classrooms are not in use. Reservations made within the 10 business day cancellation period will incur the full charge if cancelled.
  • Parking: The White Flint Metro garage is located behind the building. Parking is $8.70 per day with a SmarTrip card or credit card. If you need to park directly at the Metro, please arrange for a SmarTrip card through your IC or administrative office in advance of your visit.

    There is a free satellite Woodglen parking lot 0.2 miles from the building, which is a 5-10 minute walk. The NIH entrance is on Nicholson Lane and is close to Whole Foods. All cars with NIH hang tags are permitted to park in the Woodglen parking lot. If you do not have an NIH hang tag, request a daily permit by contacting the Training Center via an email to If you are on Transhare and need to drive to the NIHTC facility, please visit: for a temporary permit.

  • Remote Participants: Our classrooms can accommodate web meetings and remote participants. Please give at least 10 business days advanced notice of your needs. The NIH Training Center will provide WebEx and Lync access and IT support. If you require use of another remote meeting tool, please be prepared to provide your own support to manage the tool. Additional fees for remote support will apply to your reservation.
  • Liability: ICs are responsible for the condition of the equipment and furniture in the rented classroom for the duration of the rental agreement period. Damages will be itemized and charged to the IC CAN provided.
  • Reasonable Accommodations: The class locations are wheelchair-accessible. We can install assistive software (provided by the employee or office) with at least 10 business days advanced notice. Any additional accommodations, such as providing sign language interpreters is the responsibility of the IC. We are happy to accommodate your needs but we ask that you notify the NIH Training Center if any additional accommodation is required so we can ensure the room is prepared in advance.
  • Special Software installation: If you require specialized software or equipment and/or pre-loaded files, you must contact the NIH Training Center at least 10 business days in advance of the event date. The NIH Training Center reserves the right to deny software installation due to incompatibility issues or potential adverse effects to the computers and network. Files and software will be scanned for viruses.
  • Room Configuration: The following rooms are the only rooms that have flexibility with the arrangement of the tables WFI and NTI. 

Questions? Please contact us at 301-496-6211 or