People Insights Analytics Portal (PIAP)


The People Insights Analytics Portal (PIAP) is OHR’s centralized location for all OHR analytics products. PIAP provides NIH data consumers with a single point of access for interactive visualizations that are secure, customer centric and BI Tool agnostic. This portal also allows OHR developers to build low code/no code solutions and automate specialized reporting tasks.

PIAP bridges reporting gaps across multiple Human Resource (HR) and non-HR systems and promotes a more complete assessment of the organization and human capital topics, while facilitating on-demand business intelligence to OHR and IC customers alike.

PIAP analytics products

Awards Pools – Allocations & Spending – Generates awards spending limits and combines that with actual awards transactions data that enables program areas to effectively monitor spending.

NIH Exit Survey Reporting Dashboard – Review and filter results of existing employee’s anonymous responses and separation information to provide an insight into the opinions of separating employees.

Workforce Analytics Workbench (WAW) - Use an interactive and customizable dashboard to examine current and historical NIH workforce data including headcount, accessions and separations, and retirement information for full-time-equivalents (FTEs).

Data security

Data security is of the utmost importance at NIH. The analytics products that are presented on PIAP are permission-based. When visitors arrive to PIAP, their experience may be different from those that have been granted access to specific organization data.

Obtaining access

Access to PIAP is managed by HR Systems Support Helpdesk. Executive Office authorization is required for most access requests. Additional approvals and documentation are required for access to tools that contain EEO or EDI data.

The People Insights Roles Fact Sheet provides information on People Insights roles and descriptions.

System support

For questions and technical support, please submit an HR Systems Support ticket.