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Acquisitions Management
The Contracting Training Model offers four classes that enables you to obtain the Contracting Certification

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Administrative Systems & Policy

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Now available for download, the eCatalog is a printable version of our course content. It's also chock full of links to NIHTC information online.

DDM Seminar Series Slider - Laura Vanderkam

Register now for the May 16th DDM session today!
Laura Vanderkam is an expert on time management who will share her work from home insights and techniques with the NIH Community. See our DDM Seminar Series page for details.

End of Year Deadlines

NIHTC Coaching, Closed Enrollment and Class Registration Deadlines
Looking for a way to use FY24 funds? Don’t miss the deadline to renew a coaching agreement, schedule a Closed Enrollment for your IC or register for a September class! 

Highlights FY24Q3 Spring

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Highlights is the NIH Training Center’s quarterly newsletter keeping you up to date on classes, services, leadership programs and other happenings.

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Coaching with several terms related, like development, guidance, etcetera...

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Our latest news and information on events, courses, and training center updates:

  • The Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting (FAC-C) Program
  • Program Manager Office Hours
  • 2024 Budget Process Classes (limited availability)
  • Training Insights: Spotlight
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