If your medical emergency is anticipated to continue past your return to duty date (approved Leave Bank timeframe end date) or you need additional Leave Bank hours, you may apply for an extension. 

Applying for an Extension

  • Submit a new recipient package to the Leave Bank Office with an updated beginning and end date for your/your family medical emergency.
  • Deadline: If your/your family member’s medical emergency is active and ongoing, extension requests must be submitted within 60 calendar days from your original case approval date or from your original approved end date, whichever is later. If your/your family medical emergency has ended and you have returned to work, you must submit your application within 30 calendar days from the termination of your medical emergency.
  • Follow the process outlined on the Recipient Information page.

If you have reached the yearly hourly cap of 480 hours for a personal medical emergency or family medical emergency, please contact the Leave Bank Office and/or your Leave Bank case manager before completing an extension application to discuss your options.

Please visit the Leave Bank Recipient Homepage for more information.

For questions, email LeaveBank@od.nih.gov or call (301) 443-8393.