Management Seminar Series (MSS) 2022

About The Series:

The Management Seminar Series (MSS) provides administrative and scientific staff an opportunity to obtain and/or enhance management and leadership skills through presentations, interactive activities, and open discussions addressing core leadership and management issues and NIH-related matters.

7 Monthly Seminars

February to August, 10AM - 12PM

Classroom Photo
  • February 17 - Program Introduction & Networking Event (10AM – 1PM)
  • March 17 - Seminar 1
  • April 21 - Seminar 2
  • April 27 - Breakout Group Session 1
  • May 19 - Seminar 3 
  • June 16 - Seminar 4
  • June 22 - Breakout Group Session 2
  • July 14 - Seminar 5
  • August 4 - Seminar 6 & Networking Event (10AM – 1PM)

The MSS is coordinated by the NIH Management Interns and Presidential Management Fellows, Former MSS Participants, and the NIH Training Center.

Who Should Attend:

Nominated high-performing professional NIH employees at the GS-7 through 12 levels, NIH Management Interns (MIs), and Presidential Management Fellows (PMFs). Non-supervisory GS-13 NIH employees are welcome to participate as well.

In order to participate in the MSS, all interested parties must first be nominated by their Executive Officer and, upon acceptance, will be registered for approval through the Learning Management System (LMS). Nominations are due December 17, 2021. Please see IC POCs for internal nomination deadlines.

The content is primarily shaped by former MSS participants and current NIH MIs and PMFs, reflecting a unique balance of information on the administration, culture, management, and leadership aspects of the NIH.

MSS coordinator teams are currently developing the schedule of topics, which will be online by November 12.

Prior MSS Topics have included:

  • Defining & Developing Your Personal Brand
  • Managing Virtual Teams
  • Managing a Diverse Workforce
  • Influencing Change
  • Mentoring 101
  • Employee Engagement and Motivation Matters

Tuition: $495​

Contact Information

ShaRhaina Brown
MSS Program Manager
NIH Training Center
Phone: 301-594-8777

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