ITAS User Manual

About this manual

The ITAS User Manual explains the functionality and operation of the Integrated Time and Attendance System. It is designed to give you an overview of the most commonly used screens and functions in ITAS.

This manual contains instructions on how to use ITAS. It does not contain detailed rules and regulations on the various Leave Types, Tours, Processes, Procedures, etc., unique to your agency. That information should be obtained from appropriate personnel or documents.

The manual is organized according to the roles that you can have as an ITAS user. Different functions and screens are available to you depending on what roles you have been assigned. The available screens and functions are explained in each role’s section.

Some screens may be repeated in different sections due to slightly different functionality based on the applicable role. To save space and avoid confusion, the bottom parts of the screens have been left out of the pictures here. Only the parts of the screen that are pertinent to the action being described are included.

The legacy PDF version of the manual is available for download or online viewing.

The PDF version does not reflect the latest updates to the manual.