Maxiflex Work Schedule

The Maxiflex Work Schedule is a type of flexible work schedule that contains core hours on fewer than 10 workdays in the biweekly pay period. A full-time Maxiflex employee has a basic work requirement of 80 hours for the biweekly pay period and may vary the number of hours worked on a given workday or the number of hours each week within the limits established for the organization.

ITAS is typically a timekeeping by exception system. Maxiflex is NOT a timekeeping by exception work schedule. After being approved for a Maxiflex tour of duty, employees must enter their exact hours into their Timecard for every biweekly pay period. Supervisors can elect to require Maxiflex employees to enter Start and Stop times onto their timecards.

Maxiflex prerequisites

Organizations and employees that wish to use the Maxiflex Work Schedule must perform the following steps in order to utilize the Maxiflex Work Schedule:

  1. Admin Officer adds Core Hours via the Organizations screen. See Maxiflex: Admin Officer - Add Core Hours section for details.
  2. Admin Officer or Timekeeper changes the employee’s TOD to Maxiflex for the current pay period or the Employee may submit a TOD change request for the future pay period. See Maxiflex: Employee Actions – Tour of Duty: Request a Maxiflex Tour of Duty section for details.
  3. Once approved for a Maxiflex tour of duty, a Maxiflex employee may edit his/her Timecard via Certify Timecard (menu item only available to Maxiflex employees.) See Maxiflex: Employee Actions - Certify Timecard section for details.

The following sections outline the Maxiflex Work Schedule functionality by role.