Workflow information Tracking System (WiTS)


The Workflow information Tracking System (WiTS) provides the NIH's Office of Human Resources (OHR) with a standardized way to submit, track, and report on HR and HR-related activities. WiTS drives business consistency by enforcing streamlined, optimized business processes via automated workflows and real-time reporting. The system aids communication between HR and NIH staff by providing online process tracking, automated status/reminder emails, and direct access to HR reports. WiTS at NIH increases overall HR organizational transparency and accountability via accurate and timely reporting, and provides management officials with a tool to identify, monitor and manage staff workload and performance.

Maintenance notice

Monthly: CIT performs monthly maintenance that may impact WiTS performance, typically the fourth Friday/Saturday of every month. If WiTS is affected, users should be able to access the system by 10 am that Saturday. If the problem persists, please contact

Daily: In order for WiTS to perform optimally during business hours, the WiTS Project Team performs nightly maintenance that may impact accessibility during the hours of 12 midnight (EST) to 4am (EST) daily. 

Access to WiTS

Access to the system WiTS is accessible to OHR staff only. Contact your WiSC Member to request access to WiTS.

Access to WiTS Reporting, the POP Awards form, Senior Level Review, and the Time to Hire Dashboard is accessible to EO-approved IC users. For more information on how to request access, visit the HR Systems Access page. 



There are no trainings scheduled at this time.

WiTS training notifications are sent via email from the WiTS Project Team. To register, please reference our WiTS Training Registration Process guide.

Have a training need? You can request training for you or your team, anytime! If you would like to request training, submit an HRSS request- Select ‘WiTS-Training Request’ as the Issue Category and describe the need in the open text box. A member of the WiTS Project Team will follow up on your request within 3 business days. Please be prepared to establish the training needs, possible training days and preferred training method.

System support