Course Registration

Enrollment Guidelines

How to Register for Courses

Please login to the LMS prior to attempting to register for courses and offerings. Then, click the registration link provided next to the course on the course webpage. New registrations will trigger a two-level approvals chain within the LMS.

The HHS Learning Portal will keep you apprised of your registration status and required approval actions via a series of notifications. You can view the LMS Registration and Notification Process for NIH Training Center Classes for more information on the notifications you will receive. There are also tip sheets available to assist users and approvers with the registration and approvals process.

Any additional training approvals needed outside the LMS will follow each IC’s internal business process for training approval. 

Classroom seating is limited. In order to assure a place in class, it is recommended that you complete your enrollment at least four weeks prior to the class date. Course prices are subject to change.

Enrollment Confirmation

The NIH Training Center will confirm your enrollment by email no later than two weeks prior to the class. If you do not receive this confirmation, please call 301-496-6211 or feel free to otherwise contact our office.

Remote Participation in On-Site Training

The NIH Training Center is pleased to accommodate off-site NIH employees for whom travel to our instructor-led classes is physically impossible or highly cost-prohibitive.

NIH employees whose duty location is in the Washington Metropolitan area and do not face other extenuating circumstance are not eligible to participate in Remote Participation. They will benefit from the full interactivity of our in-person classes and maximize their learning on-site.

Depending on the choice of remote services, number of remote connections, and course length, additional costs to your IC will be incurred beyond the regular course registration tuition. To accommodate remote participants not physically in the classroom, we require technical staff to support on-site remote setup so that remote participants are still able to experience the classroom setting. The cost of this support is minimal in comparison to typical travel costs and provides a cost-effective alternative for off-site NIH employees.

Not every on-site training opportunity is recommended for remote participation. If you have questions about the availability of a training opportunity, please contact the NIH Training Center at 301-496-6211 or

To request remote participation: Please seek approval from your supervisor and then contact us at least 12 business days prior to the course in which you are interested in for details. Remote participants must also register via open enrollment.

Training Hours and Reporting to Work

Employees attending training sessions must adjust their schedule to conform with the hours of the training course. If the hours of training are less than the employee's daily tour of duty, after considering the number of days involved, the hours of training per day, the location at which the training is being held, and any other pertinent factors, the supervisor may: (1) require the employee to report to the regular worksite prior to and/or after training in order to make up the difference between the tour of duty and the length of the training; (2) grant up to one hour per day of excused absence for the difference between his/her tour of duty and the number of hours of training (minus any commuting time between the training and worksite); or (3) require the employee to revert to a standard tour of duty for the pay period(s) during which the training occurs.

Full NIH Policy Manual, 2300-610-4 - ALTERNATIVE WORK SCHEDULES available, (reference #11).

Special Accommodations

The NIH Training Center makes every effort to support accessibility to training for employees with disabilities. ICs are responsible for arranging transportation and accommodations, arranging for interpreters, and assuming all costs of these accommodations. 

Participants are requested to notify the NIH Training Center of all special accommodations at least two weeks before the first day of the scheduled class, so that instructors can prepare for interpreters in the classroom and the classroom can be optimally prepared to accommodate wheelchairs or other assistive devices.