Course Registration

Steps to Register

  1. Locate a course in the NIH Training Center course catalog and click Register. This will trigger a two-level approvals chain within the HHS Learning Portal (LMS).
  2. Log into the HHS Access Management System (AMS).
  3. Select the HHS Learning Portal (LMS) link.
  4. When prompted, select “Yes, Continue Registration” to complete the process.
    IMPORTANT: Your request for registration will be sent directly to the waiting list pending full approval by your direct supervisor and final approver with a valid CAN number for billing.

You will receive updates on your registration status and be notified of any required approval actions. There are also tip sheets available to assist you and your supervisor.

Any additional training approvals needed outside the LMS will follow each IC’s internal business process for training approval.

Classroom seating is limited. In order to assure a place in class, it is recommended that you complete your enrollment at least four weeks prior to the class date. Course prices are subject to change.

Interested in learning about the new NIH Training Center Registration Process Changes? Check out our video.


Enrollment Confirmation

The LMS sends a confirmation once your registration is confirmed on the roster. Another calendar confirmation will be sent closer to the course start date containing the virtual login information. If you do not receive this confirmation, please call 301-496-6211 or email us.

Training Hours and Reporting to Work

You must adjust your schedule to conform with the hours of the training course. If the hours are less than your tour of duty (after considering the number of days, location, and hours per day) your supervisor may:

(1) require you to report to your regular worksite prior to and/or after training in order to make up the difference between your tour of duty and the length of the training;

(2) grant up to one hour per day of excused absence for the difference between your tour of duty and the number of hours of training (minus any commuting time between the training and worksite); or

(3) require you to revert to a standard tour of duty for the pay period(s) during the training.

For additional information, refer to the Alternative Work Schedules section of the NIH Policy Manual. Excused Absence is discussed under number 11.