What is ITAS?

The NIH Integrated Time and Attendance System is the timekeeping tool used by all Federal employees to track working hours within the specific tour of duty. It is also used for submitting annual and sick leave requests, and for donating annual and sick leave hours to fellow Federal employees in need of extra hours.

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How do I access ITAS on a mobile device?

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I am having HHS ID Badge/PIV Card Issues.

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Who do I contact for ITAS questions and support?

NIH ITAS Support structure:

  • First Level Support: Timekeeper or Administrative Officer (AO). To locate your Timekeeper, look on the Personal menu item on the left in ITAS.
  • Second Level Support: ITAS Coordinator.
  • Final Level Support: ITAS Coordinator contacts the NIH IT Service Desk or an HR staff member as appropriate.

Where can I find other ITAS Resources?

Where can I find resources for ITAS non-NIH user access?

ITAS: Non-NIH user access and support information