Recipient Information

Recipients are Leave Bank members who are affected by personal or family medical emergencies and are projected to exhaust their available paid leave.

Eligibility requirements

To receive leave from the Leave Bank, you must:

  • Be an NIH Leave Bank member for the current leave year.
  • Experience a qualifying personal or family medical emergency. 
  • Provide medical documentation, if required, and complete the NIH Leave Bank Recipient Application Package (see below).
  • Be projected to exhaust all available paid leave and be in a non-pay status for at least 24 hours (prorated for part-time employees).
  • Receive approval from the Leave Bank Board.
  • Use all accrued sick and annual leave before any Leave Bank leave can be applied to your timecard.

For information on Birth and Recuperation eligibility under the Leave Bank, please visit the Birth and Recuperation page.

Yearly Leave Bank caps

There is a maximum number of leave hours an employee may receive per year from the Leave Bank. These caps are based on medical emergency type:

  • 480 leave hours for personal medical emergencies.
  • 480 leave hours for family medical emergencies.
  • 960 total hours of leave received within the membership year.

Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (VLTP)

If you are participating in VLTP and are a current Leave Bank member, you are also eligible to apply to be a Leave Bank recipient.

Any approved Leave Bank hours will be applied to the timecard before VLTP hours can be used. VLTP hours received will be included when determining leave need under the Leave Bank and are considered available paid leave.

For more information on how the Leave Bank and VLTP interact, visit the Leave Sharing Comparisons page.

Applicant steps

  1. Determine eligibility
  2. Determine if you need medical documentation
  3. Complete the following forms:
  4. Review process
  5. Steps after approval

Other actions


Email or call (301) 443-8393.