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For assistance with ITAS

  1. First, contact your Timekeeper or Administrative Officer (AO)
  2. If your AO can't resolve the problem, they'll contact their ITAS Coordinator
  3. If the ITAS Coordinator can't resolve the problem, they'll contact the NIH IT Service Desk or an HR staff member as needed
ITAS Coordinators
IC Primary Alternate(s)
CC Michael Delostrinos

Deshawn Riddick

Dionne Harding

Michele Woolbert

CIT Tracy Ellis Linda Myles
CSR Blair Gosnell Kelli Reid
FIC Yolanda Johnson Leonardo Garzon-Velez
NCATS Chris Maurer

Tom Dushney

Carrie Watkins

NCCIH Annice Lawrence Christina Moon
NCI Joyce Stitely Megan Bodmer
NIMHD Julie Anderson Kimberly Allen
NEI Kelly Zavadsky Melissa Trinchet
NHGRI Priscilla Crockett Sylvie Richards
NHLBI Deb Ladson

Jennifer Ghio

Emily Bruin


Susan Windsor (ERP)

Karen Holmes (IRP)

Hayley Lafferty (ERP)

Stephanie Hoke (IRP)

NIAAA Karen Harrington Jessica Cullen
NIAID Esther Galloway Colleen Boyd
NIAMS Amita Patel Valerie Green

Maracella Canada

Frank Flannery
NICHD Tina Kelsey Rebecca Preston
NIDCD Tresca Smith Natasha Pierre Bright
NIDCR Michelle Christensen Patricia Chestnut
NIDA Chanvadey Nhim VACANT
NIDDK Vanessa Rebelo Lucy Okello
Sabrina Intoranat
NIEHS A’tondra Carree Edward Kang
NIGMS Tammy Dean-Maxwell LaShonda Parson
NINDS Denise Dorsey

Rosalyn Benson
Vivian Chyu

Jessie Wallace

NINR Steven Weiss

Laree McKinney


Felicia Carr

Syreeta Evans

Milton Kimbrough
Kenita Saunders-Romero

Courtney White

OD Meron Makasha

Marsha Gorham

Belinda Cowling


Mary Kiganda

Velvette Caliz

Leonie Daley

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