Beneficiary Forms

You may complete 4 different beneficiary forms. If you are satisfied with the Order of Precendence you do not need to file any designations. If you do, it’s important to ensure your designations are current. A designation will still be valid even if your relationship or family situation has changed.

  1. Unpaid Compensation
  1. Life Insurance
  1. Thrift Savings Plan 
  1. Retirement



Tips for completing these forms:

  • All forms require two witnesses to your signature. Anyone can sign as a witness as long as they are not a named beneficiary.
  • Forms must be free of any erasures or changes.
  • Notify your Benefits Office with any questions.

Benefits Office Locations

An original signature is required on all election forms. Please send forms and supporting documents to the appropriate address below.  For questions, call or email

Bethesda Office North Carolina Office
Benefits Office Benefits Office
BG 31 RM 1B37 PO Box 12233 (K1-01)
31 Center DR Keystone/Rm 1105
Bethesda MD 20814-2215 Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
  • Telephone: 301-496-2404
  • Fax: 301-402-5506
  • Telephone: 984-287-3044 or 240-421-9464
  • Fax: 919-541-3659

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