What name should New Hires use in Onboarding?  

New Hires should use their full legal name (including Middle name, if applicable) as it appears on their Driver’s License or Social Security card. 

Why does my direct deposit section of the compensation questionnaire ask if I want to start, remove or cancel an allotment?  

This form is geared towards any employee who wishes to make changes to their payroll, as a new hire, your only option is to start an allotment.

How do I know what fields in the New Hire Questionnaire are editable? 

Fields that are greyed out require the New Hire to reach out to their HR point of contact, so they can decline the form for correction.  If you have not submitted the forms, the questionnaire can be updated at any time.

I have not submitted my forms but would like to update my home address. What should I do?  

Log into onboarding, return to the Biographical Questionnaire, and click the update button. Once in the questionnaire, locate the contacts section to make the update. Click save and close.

I have submitted my forms and would like to update my home address, what should I do? 

If you have submitted your forms and need to make corrections, you will need to contact your HR Point of Contact.  To make the fields editable, your HR Point of Contact must decline the form for correction.  

I am unable to submit my benefits forms, what should I do? 

The system will not allow you to submit your Benefits forms before your first day of duty. If you have already onboarded, please contact your Benefits Point of Contact. To identify who your Benefits Point of Contact is log into the Onboarding system, click on Contact Us at the top left of the page.

What should I do if a form has been returned for correction?  

If any information has been entered incorrectly on one or more of your entry on duty forms, your HR Representative will send the form back to you for correction. Every time a form is sent back for correction, you will have to update your New Hire questionnaire with the correct information and re-submit all forms related to the identified system field(s).

I forgot to print a form, but I already clicked on the “Form Printed” button—how can I print the form? 

If you clicked Form Printed and did not actually print the form, you can re-open the task by clicking on the Form Name link and print the document by clicking on the print icon located in the top right-hand corner of the form. When done, you may close the form by clicking on Confirm or the “x” at the top right corner.  

Why was the OF 306 Declaration of Federal Employment form returned to me? 

The OF-306 form requires you to sign the form one time electronically (as an “applicant”) and then print the form to provide a wet, “ink” signature at New Employee Orientation.

I am moving from out of state and do not know where I will reside when my employment with NIH will become effective.  What state tax form should I complete? 

Please provide a list of the states that you may reside in to your HR Representative, she/he will provide you with those state tax forms outside of the system. Once you know which state you will be residing in, complete that state tax form only.  Please note:  If you are unsure which state tax form to complete or how to complete your forms, please contact a tax advisor for guidance.   

How do I access the system once I’ve accepted the offer letter? 

After you’ve accepted the Tentative Offer Letter you can access the system by logging into USA Staffing for New Hires.

Do I have to complete the Benefits Forms if I do not want Benefits? 

You are required to complete the Benefits Questionnaire, indicating you are electing not to enroll (Part E of the SF 2809 Form) and sign and submit the form.