Performance Management Appraisal Program at NIH

The HHS Performance Management Appraisal Program (PMAP) runs on a fiscal year cycle and is applicable to all General Schedule (GS), Wage Grade (WG, WL, WS), Senior Biomedical Research Service (SBRS), and Title 42 209(f) and Title-42 209(g) employees who are not covered under the HHS Executive Performance Management System (EPMS). The HHS PMAP policy is one component of the on-going process of performance management, which also includes frequent informal feedback, recognition and awards, coaching, skills development, and appropriate corrective action.

In October 2011, HHS distributed a new PMAP policy that changed the four-level rating system to the same five-level rating system that is in place for SES and Senior-Level T-42 employees. The five ratings levels are:

  • Level 5 (Achieved Outstanding Results),
  • Level 4 (Achieved More Than Expected Results),
  • Level 3 (Achieved Expected Results),
  • Level 2 (Partially Achieved Expected Results), and
  • Level 1 (Unsatisfactory Results).

NOTE: The NIH will continue to honor all current Collective Bargaining Agreements containing provisions that address performance and will implement this policy consistent with the Agreements and its bargaining obligations under law, rule or regulation. Please check with your Employee and Labor Relations Specialist to determine what impact this has on bargaining unit employees in your work 

HHS Performance Management Appraisal Program (PMAP) Revised

PMAP Overview

NIH PMAP Guidance

NIH Sample Critical Elements

Sample Rating Justifications


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