Supervision and Leadership Development Courses

Whether you’re a novice or expert, the NIH Training Center can support your development.  We provide workshops that cover the mandatory requirements for new and experienced supervisors in our Supervisory Essentials and Refresher offerings.  In addition, there are several courses that enhance employee leadership skills from Project Management and Effective Meetings, to Success as a Change Agent and Myers Briggs training.

Course ID: NIHTC6520

The Franklin Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People multi-day workshop helps participants to develop the ability to effectively lead themselves, influence, engage and collaborate with others, continually improve, and renew their capabilities.

Course ID: NIHTC9414

Are you looking for a more in-depth, structured approach to project management that can also lead to Project Management Professional (PMP) certification?

Course ID: NIHTC1017

Gaining a Following: Leadership Skills for Non-Supervisors This course will explore the mystery of why we follow some people and ignore others.

Course ID: NIHTC4103

Is your office in the process of a physical move to a new location?
Have you been asked to supervise a restructuring?
Are you a leader who has just received a new supervisor to report to or new subordinate to manage?

Course ID: NIHTC4101

Tired of wasting your time in meetings that do not produce results? In today's team- driven environment, skilled facilitation is crucial to the delivery of outstanding results and organizational success.

Course ID: NIHTC4500

Supervisors have far more power to motivate and engage employees than they may believe.

Course ID: NIHTC9590

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) workshop equips NIH employees with a unique perspective to assist with personal tools for better self-management, communication, and relationship management.

Course ID: NIHTC4501

Have you ever struggled to make sense of your Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey results?
Do you wonder how to turn the data into actionable results?

Course ID: NIHTC4502

Are you a manager who sometimes freezes up when asked tough questions on the spot? Do you prefer one-on-one conversations to boisterous meetings?

Course ID: NIHTC9511

This three-day interactive program equips NIH supervisors and managers with the knowledge, skills and techniques needed to grow their performance as leaders, as well as ways to effectively manage and support their staff's performance and developme

Course ID: NIHTC9561

This two-day interactive program provides refresher training for NIH supervisors and managers who have been on the job for one or more years.

Course ID: NIHTC4507

During the Women in Leadership: Strategies for Success course, you learned about the importance of emotional intelligence, how to adapt your natural style to be more effective, conversational "moves" that can improve relationships and lead to grea

Course ID: NIHTC4504

This dynamic workshop series is designed to provide you with insights, tools, and strategies to improve your leadership skills and expand your capacity to lead effectively.