Title 42 at NIH

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This course will explore the legal and policy foundations of the Title 42 appointment and pay authority which provides NIH with the flexibility needed to attract and retain scientists with outstanding scientific, technical and clinical skills. It will also equip you with the background knowledge to assist you in handling a variety of Title 42 cases involving issues such as professional designations, peer review and pay. Through instructor-led interactive information sharing and class discussions on sample cases, you will learn how to play an effective role in facilitating the appropriate use of NIH's intramural and extramural professional designations and peer review systems. You will also be ready to research and effectively apply the existing Title 42 guidance to ensure accurate and timely Title 42 recruitments, appointments and pay actions.

Key Topics
  • Statutory and policy guidance regarding the use of Title 42
  • Use of Professional Designations at NIH
  • Recruitment of Intramural and Extramural Title 42 Scientists
  • Intramural and Extramural Peer Review
  • Determining and Adjusting Pay for Title 42 Scientists
  • Special Considerations regarding Title 42

Special Note

The August/September Title 42 class will meet from 9AM – 12:30PM each of the following days: August 31, September 1, and September 2. All three days must be attended for credit.

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