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What is the difference between color categorizing, filtering, sorting and grouping?

They are all different ways of viewing your actions. Depending on your preference you can color code some actions, you can group them by column headers and/or filter your action list. These are only available on your worklist.

  • Color categorization: User can add a definition to the colors available and apply as many of those colors to their actions.
  • Filtering: Users are able to narrow down their actions by using one of the three types of filtering:
    • Simple Input: Users able to enter the exact text found within the column to view the action(s).
    • Complex Input: Users are able to enter a criterion within the column to view the action(s)
    • Select: Users are able to choose one or multiple values from the list found within the column to view the action(s).
  • Sorting: Users are able to click on a column header to rearrange their actions in ascending or descending order.
  • Grouping: Users are able to breakdown the actions by the column headers.

Can two people open the same action at the same time?

No. If you attempt to open an action that is currently in use by someone else then you will get a popup message informing you that someone else has this action open.

If I save a worklist view, but then want to go back to my default worklist, how do I do that?

If you save a worklist view and would like to return to your default worklist, select “All Work” from your worklist view.

Can I customize my tabs?

You cannot add, delete, rename or rearrange tabs.

When I sort my columns in the archives page, I get a pop-up message that says ‘This may take a minute…’. Should I click ‘OK’?

Yes. Sometimes due the amount actions, the system may take longer to sort the action list. Please be patient after clicking the ‘OK’ button on the pop-up message to allow the system to sort your action list.


How do I obtain access to WiTS?

You may obtain access to WiTS by requesting access through your WiSC Member who can submit an access request on your behalf.

What is my WiTS User Name and Password?

Because WiTS uses ‘Single Sign On’, your username and password for WiTS is the same as your NIH Login (that you use to sign into your computer). You can also sign in using your PIV card.

I Have Been Assigned to Help Another OHR Division or Another CSD Branch, How Do I Get Access?

Obtain email approval from the Division Director or one of the Deputy Division Directors and attach that email to the HR System Access Request ticket. When completing the ticket, ensure you select all of the appropriate options in each of the drop down menus on the WiTS tab of the form including their current access. Note: The ‘User Profile Location’ is used to indicate the staff member’s primary location in OHR, not what they need access to. 

I Have Been Assigned to Help Another CSD Branch, How Do I Access the Actions That I Need?

After you have been granted access to the additional Branch, you can ask the HR Specialist to forward the actions to you OR you can access the Branch bizcove (Active WiTS Transactions for [Branch X]) and forward the actions to yourself. Ensure that you only forward actions that are with the HR Specialist or the HR Assistant. Do not forward actions that are with the WRD Position Management Team, WRD Final Authorizer, WRD Pay Specialist, CSD DEU, and CSD CU. Lastly, to avoid confusion, ensure that you update the HR Specialist, HR Assistant, or Team Leader fields on the action. For more information, please review the Reassigning and Forwarding Actions for CSD Guide.

I Have Been Assigned to Help Another CSD Branch, Why Don’t I See my Team Leader on the Form?

This is because that Team Leader has not been granted access to the Branch. If they require access, a separate HR System Access Request ticket is needed for them.

What Do I Do When I am No Longer Needed to Assist with an Additional CSD Branch?

Submit an HR System Access Request ticket to modify the user's profile, removing all of the additional permissions that they were previously granted. Additionally, all active actions must be reassigned to someone else in the Branch before their access is modified. This includes all active actions with the Final Authorizers and WRD Pay Specialists. It does not include Recruitment actions with the CSD DEU for Final Audit. Once an action is sent to the CSD DEU for Final Audit, the Branch staff members cannot be changed. For more information, please review the Reassigning and Forwarding Actions for CSD Guide.

Can Staff Have Access to Multiple Divisions and CSD Branches?

Yes. Staff can have access one or multiple Divisions and/or Branches. Cross-divisional staff can access other areas of WiTS as appropriate. For example, a CSD employee who also performs Employee Relations work can have access to their CSD Branch and one or many ER Teams in WRD. Additionally, CSD staff assisting the Global Recruitment Unit (GRU) on special initiatives do not need to be placed in the GRU, they just need access to it. Staff can also have multiple titles. An individual can have the title of HRS, HRA, HR Team Leader, Branch Chief, etc.


  1. Staff cannot have different titles and roles in different Branches or Teams.  For example, If a Branch H staff member has the title of HRS and Team Leader, and has the role of WiTS Super User, they will carry these titles and roles into any additional Branch or Team they are assigned to assist with.
  2. CSD Branch Chiefs cannot have access to multiple Branch Work Area Pages, but can access other Branch actions through reports if needed. 
    Note: CSD Reminder Emails and the Hiring Timeline Dashboard are driven by the individuals selected on the forms. If you are helping another Branch, any emails sent to the Branch Chief will be delivered to the chief overseeing the IC and not necessarily your supervisor. The same logic applies to the Hiring Timeline Dashboard.


What types of actions should I enter into WiTS?

Please refer to our What Goes into WiTS Quick Reference Guide.

Is Personally Identifiable Information (PII) allowed in WiTS?

PII is permitted in WiTS attachments only. PII should not be entered in any comments field or WiTS form field, unless otherwise noted. Please refer to the List of Acceptable PII.

What information is NOT allowed in WiTS?

Medical records or documentation that conflicts with HIPAA rules and regulations is not allowed in WiTS.

How do I cancel a WiTS action?

You are able to cancel a WiTS action by selecting cancel from the routing menu.

Why did WiTS send me an email?

WiTS sends two types of emails: workflow emails and reminder/escalation emails. WiTS workflow emails are initiated by the user when they send a form along to the next person in the process. Reminder/escalation emails are sent depending on dates that are entered by users into the system. The date prompts the system to send out a notice at certain times to remind users of certain timelines. Refer to the Email Section of the workflow reference guide.

Can I update or modify an Admin Code in WiTS?

Admin codes in WiTS are driven by a system interface and cannot be manually updated. The Organizational Titles/Initials that are displayed in WiTS flow automatically from the system that the NIH Office of Management Assessment (OMA) maintains and are considered the official titles. This interface serves to preserve the integrity of our WiTS data and to ensure that our information is consistent with other NIH systems such as NED, NBS, etc. When the changes is made in the OMA system, WiTS receives the new Org Title/Initials and is updated automatically.

Data Corrections- How do I add or change data in a WiTS action that has been completed?

Once an action is completed you can no longer add or change data. You must go to the HR Requests Page, and select 'Get Help With An HR System' to contact the HR Systems Support Team. Choose “Data Correction” as the Issue Category, and your WiTS office's WiSC member must review the request before it is submitted. Note: Closed actions for Employee and Labor Relations can be modified as long as they are not archived.

Is it possible to reactivate an action once it has been Archived?

No, once an action has been archived it cannot be reactivated. If you wish to recreate an action that has been archived, you will need to find the completed action in the archived list and copy the information from the archived action into a new action. Note: Closed actions for Employee and Labor Relations can be reactivated as long as they are not archived.

What Defines a CSD Branch In WiTS?

A CSD Branch is defined by the ICs that they service, not by the staff who work the action. For example, if Branch X is supporting NCI, any CSD action for NCI will be considered a Branch X action even if someone from Branch Z is the HR Specialist. The one exception to this rule is the Global Recruitment Unit (GRU). If an action is identified as a GRU action, then it is a GRU action. Branch staff can access GRU actions for the IC(s) that their Branch services via reports and in the Branch bizcove (Active WiTS Transactions for [Branch]) on their Workarea Page.


How do I run a WiTS report?

Access your reports via the 'Reports' section of your WiTS workspace or access the WiTS Report Parameter Page.

Can I run or request a report that includes SSN, DOB, or other PII?

Some forms of PII may already be included in WiTS reporting, such as Employee Name, e-mail address, and salary information, but no additional PII will be added to WiTS reports.

Why do I get different results each time I run a report even when I use the exact same parameters?

WiTS is a “real-time” system and report information is updated within 10 seconds of data being entered in WiTS forms and actions taken within workflows. All WiTS reports (with the exception of the ‘Snapshot’ view of the Recruitment KPI Report) display the most current data on actions as of the exact time the report is generated. So, if other users have updated the action since you last ran the report, when you run that same report again (even just moments later) the report data results may be different. This is why the run date and time is displayed at the top of each report. It is recommended that you save a copy of any report you run if you want to refer to the results later.

How do I get a WiTS report automatically sent to me?

Visit WiTS Report Subscription Service to learn more about this service and submit an HR Systems Support ticket for “Report Subscription”.

What do the colored circles on WiTS reports mean?

The majority of WiTS reports contain a display of the Actions Status Color, Code and Description for each entry on the report. The codes (depicted by a color-specific traffic light) next to each entry tells you quickly where a specific action is in the process. Refer to the Understanding Action Status Colors Codes and Descriptions in WiTS user guide.

Is it possible to print a WiTS report?

Yes, it is possible to export a WiTS report into PDF, Excel or Word and subsequently print the report. Please refer to the Printing and Exporting WiTS Reports user guide.


What is a WiSC Member?

Members of the WiTS Strategy Council (WiSC) serve as liaisons between their Branches/Units and the WiTS Team, providing their organizations with updates on system activities and soliciting feedback. They also manage access to WiTS and other HR systems for staff in their organizations. WiSC members work closely with the WiTS Project Team in the development of workflows, reports, and dashboards.

Visit the WiTS Strategy Council page to learn more about this group and to find out who your organization’s Councilmember is.

Where do I find help about using WiTS?

WiTS offers an abundance of resources for users including user guides and video tutorials. Additional questions that cannot be answered using the user guides and tutorials should be directed to your designated WiSC member. If you are still having trouble using WiTS contact HR Systems Support by submitting a WiTS Ticket (OHR users) or a Web Form Ticket (IC users).

What is the difference between an HR Systems Access ticket and an HR Systems Support ticket?

An HR Systems Access request is entered to grant, modify or delete a user’s access to an HR system. For registered WiTS users, the WiSC member (or Branch/Unit Chief) are authorized to enter these requests on behalf of WiTS users. IC users can enter them via the HR Requests page. An HR Systems Support request is entered when you need assistance or support when using an HR system, as well as for a number of additional requests (training enrollment, updates to the OHR website, etc.). Any employee at the NIH can enter an HR Systems Support request.

Is there a preferred browser you suggest when accessing WiTS?

Chrome or Microsoft Edge may be used to access WiTS.