Workplace Flexibilities

On April 22, 2024, HHS released the updated Instruction 990-1 Workplace Flexibilities Policy. NIH OHR's Workplace Flexibilities websites and resources are in the process of being updated due to recent policy changes. We appreciate your patience as we update our resources and release communications related to policy implementation.


On April 22, 2024, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued updated Instruction 990-1, Workplace Flexibilities. This instruction establishes HHS' policy and highlights the various workplace flexibilities available to employees in the performance of their duties including telework, remote work, and alternative work schedules.

In accordance with this policy, and the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) continued endorsement to utilize telework, remote work, and other workplace flexibilities (WPF) to adapt to the changing needs of the workforce of the future, NIH has established and implemented guiding principles. The application of these principles will ensure our community is able to leverage flexibilities moving forward, building an enhanced hybrid workforce.

Programs available to employees


A flexible work arrangement where an employee is scheduled to perform their work at an approved alternative worksite on a regular/recurring or ad hoc/situational basis.

Telework guidance and resources

Remote Work

A work arrangement where an employee permanently works from an approved alternative worksite that is not an NIH owned or leased facility.

Remote Work guidance and resources

Alternative Work Schedule

A variety of scheduling options that provide an alternative to the standard workweek.

Alternative Work Schedule guidance and resources

Choosing your program

Unsure which flexibilities are available to you? Use our Employee Roadmap tool to help you determine your options.

Employee Roadmap tool

Required actions

Employees who wish to use any of the above flexibilities must accomplish the following:


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  • For more information surrounding IC-specific Workplace Flexibilities questions, please contact your IC liaison.
  • For more information surrounding travel policies related to Workplace Flexibilities, please email the NIH Travel Office.