Workplace Flexibilities


Workplace flexibilities allows federal employees to work outside of a normal office environments and set reasonable unconventional schedules to meet the challenges of evolving workplace norms. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) provides guidance to promote a culture in which employees and managers are able to balance work and family life. The following are programs available to employees.

Available programs

Alternative Work Schedule

A variety of scheduling options that provide an alternative to the standard workweek. Adjustable work hours can assist employees in balancing the demands of the workplace with their personal responsibilities.


A type of flexible schedule that contains core hours on fewer than 10 workdays in a biweekly pay period. The employee may vary the number of hours worked in a given workday within organizational limits.

Remote Work

An arrangement in which an employee's official duty station is an approved alternative worksite. The worksite may be inside or outside the local commuting area, and is typically the employee's residence.


A flexible work arrangement where employees perform their duties at an approved alternate worksite. Unlike remote work, the employees is still assigned to their primary duty station.


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